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What's for tea tonight then?

Never tasted them Hun...but they do sound lovely!
Im doing FF, so any "normal" SW meal sounds wonderful at the moment!
Red day for me, so gammon steak and roasted med veg xx
I'm on EE so I'm having chilli chock full of stuff - beef, tomatoes, pepper, onion, carrot, baby corn and beans and I'm having it with a jacket potato and a HEX B choice of cheese. Can't wait!!

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
We're having a huge stir-fry tonight with SW style chips and parsnip chips (made the same way) - I'm getting hungry but have said we'll eat at 6.30 ~ might need to bring that forward a bit!

Liannioso ~ We've tried those peppered quorn steaks and think they're lovely but maybe a bit "dry" and we tend to make a gravy with them, and have SW chips and mushy peas too ~ got some in the freezer so we might have them tomorrow?

Smoomoo ~ Spiced chicken from the original recipe book is lovely too ~ hope you enjoy that tonight, maybe I'll get ingredients in for sometime this week ~ Yep, thanks for the idea, it'll make a wee change!

Good luck on your Fast Forward week Mrs V! ~ Know what you mean about missing the more "normal" food optimising while doing the FF! Results should be worth it though - best o'luck'n'stuff with it!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Due to working this evening (now in fact, don't tell the bosses I'm here!!), I had my dinner at lunchtime.

I had Quorn pasta bake, which started off very tasty but then during the course of eating it it seemed to change taste. Yes, I am weird! It started to taste like the Quorn bolognese shells we did a couple of weeks ago, which sadly we didn't like so much :(

I can't understand why I didn't like either as they are full of ingredients I love!!

Told you I was weird :D:D
Peppered quarn steaks are brill with loads of onions, mushrooms. peppers and SW chips and a wee drop of gravy..yum!
I'm having a savoury mince with a baked potato followed by melon and FF yogurt......and maybe a MiniMilk later on with a coffee.
Buon appetito x
I'm not really in a cooking mood tonight, so I dunno. I have bacon, some veggies, pasta, spuds...I need something that's not going to make me weigh more tomorrow! Something with lots of speed foods in it. *sigh*

I'm feeling really 'blah' tonight.
Just had reduced fat sausages, beans, and lovely creamy mashed potato, have discovered if i do them in the potato ricer,and mix in milk and ex light laughing cow, and finish off with salt, black pepper and spring onions, I was missing, my mash with real butter so much til i tried this :) chopped up pineapple, melon and strawberries for afters but i was too full, so that will be supper!

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