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Whats for tea???


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just finished mine - I'm doing Simply Satisfied this week so only counting my weeklies.

New potatoes
Corn on the cob drizzled with olive oil
(all steamed)

2 x sainsbury's meringues (3 points)
mandarin oranges

It was yummy - especially the corn on the cob :)
I had such a yummy dinner :) One Tesco Mexican Bean Burger 6PP which is super filling and lovely and spicy with a rocket salad and butternut squash 'chips' all for 6PP!

Dessert was a pot of tesco low fat custard which is 4PP with 1 ww apple crumble slices for 2PP. So yummy for 6PP although i think 4PP for the custard is quite high!
Hey!! What's simply satisfied??
Iv had youngs low fat ocean crumble-7pp
Sugar free jelly-opp
Weight watchers cream -1pm


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aha I have the name wrong - its called Simply Filling. Its at the back of the "Live" booklet and its where you don't want to track.

Basically you eat only foods from the filling and healthy list (the green ones) or which have a propoints value of 0. You then eat whatever you want of them until you are satisfied without being stuffed. You also have 2 teaspoons of healthy oil a day (olive oil, flaxseed, sunflower etc) which you only count if you go over the 2 teaspoons.

And you still get your weekly 49 points to cover anything that isn't on the filling & healthy list.

I'm struggling to bring my points up to the daily allowance each day as I generally avoid carbs and I'm finding it weird to either have to cut back on the fruit and veg I eat to be able to fit in more protein or having to eat higher point value foods than I would naturally in order to bring the points up high enough so I'm hoping this system will work better for me - I'll let you know after next week's weigh in! lol

I'm not sure I explained that brilliantly - hope it makes sense!


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The Simply Filling Technique

hope that helps - I've had to think about what I'm eating a bit more and today is my first day on it so may change my mind by the end of the week but I'm liking it so far. Could just be that its slightly different and making me think more but I'll let you know after Tuesday when I've been weighed ;)

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