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Whats for tea?


Over half way to target
Chicken curry (homemade) with spicy potatoes.
Good grief, is that the time, OH will be home in half an hour and I've not even got it started yet - that's me away, bye luvvies!
I'm actually finding it ok. I had trouble convincing my brain that it was ok to eat beans and potatoes... and chips n peas LOL. Because I normally do red days, I have to count them, so to be able to eat as much of them as I want will be nice.. once my brain accepts it LOL

I think I may throw more green days in now and then


soon to be skinny minnie
Green day so i had chicken and sweetcorn. It tasted like the one from the chinese it was lovely. I fried onion, garlic and chicken in a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil (hexb)x2, added a syns worth of made up gravy and soy sauce and had with lots of boiled basmati rice. It was so yummy
I don't know yet I'm on red and have used my Hexbs already, think will eat late after shopping so can get a nice bag of salad to have with peppered steak and maybe even a few prawns hehe


I ate my willpower!
I am on the new plan and I am having a large jacket spud with some BBQ chicken. And I have made some chicken and bacon pasta with a bit of mayo in for later if I am hungry.
I had ..roast pork (cooked in one of those worktop halogen cooker things, couldn't believe it was cooked in a hour !!. norrmally takes 1 1/2 - 2 in oven!!) baby tates with skins on carrots and sprouts and mashed swede- butterless of course!!.
OH didnt eat the swede-he says he's getting fed up with it.. we've only had it 3 times this week -dont know what he's moaning at !!
Alice you could try mashing butternut squash up with the carrots instead of swede - tastes nicer and is still free on a red day!
Im having chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese - yummy x
im having sin free chips and marks and spencers mediteranean roasted vegetables.

definately sticking to green days as i never feel hungry - when i do red days i struggle to think what to have.
I always feel hungry on a red day... odd isn't it.. can't remember the last red day I had now lol... oh yes for dinner

I had my veg lasagne that I put in the recipes and I also had it last night to! Maybe for lunch tomorrow as well lol



Reached Target. woohoo
I had homemade quorn curry and rice, lovely and warming in this weather. xxx

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