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Whats goin on, Feel C**p

Ive been doing this low carb diet for nearly 2 weeks now, 1st week was great no problem, lost 4lb, this 2nd week ive felt terrible im not hungry and not really craving anything but i am just soooo tired have no energy what so ever and then to cap it all weighed my self this morning and ive put 2lb back on:eek::cry:

Whats going on, ive been really good this week and ive drunk loads of water.
might have to re-think this low carb thing and try something else.

Is there a mars a day diet:p No thought not:sigh:
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Will be slim!!!!!!!
you're bound to feel tired hun! carbs is what gives us energy and fuels our bodies, but you will get used to it, so keep up the good work and just know that its nothing to worry about xx
jackietrew........Thanks for the support♥ it would be just so easy to give up when you feel C**p and tired ill give it till after the weekend and hopefully ill lose these sneeky 2lb's ive seem to have put back on.


Will be slim!!!!!!!
i know how you feel hun, but its just your body adjusting to the low intake of carbs and it will soon adjust and you will feel alot better, im sure you'll drop those couple of lbs and i hope you feel better soon! xxx
I felt like crap for a week or 2 at the start, but once your body sorts itself out you will feel so much better for it.
Are you taking a multivit/mineral pill every day, i start to feel a bit rough when i forget mine.

Good luck.


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Hi people.

I may be unusual in that I no longer jump on and off the scales obsessively but I have maintained a huge weight loss for about eight years now. I still have two stones to lose - this went up to almost three again recently when college ended for the summer and I found myself stuck at home with temptation!

I was calorie counting and decided to make a dent in the regain by going back to 'veggie Atkins' for two/three weeks at least. I've stuck to it for eight days now and haven't weighed myself, once. Why not? Because this is low-carbing, not VLCD-ing, and I know from experience that individual dieters' losses can vary alarmingly on such a plan. For every joyful person who loses 8-10lb the first week there is another who has stuck to it religiously and lost only a pound or two.

I tend to use my clothes as the judge of loss during the first couple of weeks. After that time I will weigh to measure progress and make sure I am not inadvertently eating too much.

I used to weigh obsessively, as most of us do I suspect, and stopped because weight and fluid balance etc can go up and down seemingly without reason and to see a tiny loss or even a gain is distressing.

I estimate that I've lost at least 5lb over the past week, mostly glygogen. From now on I hope to lose body fat, and that is exciting!

Good luck to everyone. Be kind to yourself, be caring, and don't beat yourself up

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