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What's spurring you on?


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To lose this weight? Apart from being back to my pre preg weight, for me it's the 6th dec!

My df works for my friends coffee company & I know everyone there. It's the christmas do on the 6th dec & I have to go! So I need to be thin for then.....

It's all I keep thinking about, so hopefully it will stop me from cheating..... There is a girl there who I know would love to see me overweight, but I'm determined not to give her the satisfaction..... Last time I saw her was before I had my babies, I was a size 8. So I want her to think I look good for having two children!! lol A bit pathetic? Yep! But if it helps me get thin then I dont care....

Skinny jeans here I come... Woohoo!! lol
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not so str8 or narrow!!
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My weight loss each week spurs me on and i'm excited about looking good at my engagement party next March and the wedding in june 2010 (ages away but hey i've got another 10 stone to loose!!) lol but what i really want to achieve is mastery over food! to be foods master and not its slave so i suppose every day that i dont eat i achieve that and it spurs me on a little bit more.
well its my b day on 25th Oct so thats one and then its christmas then its new year then its my dd b day then its my hubs bday the its.............on and on it goes but most of all its next summer im looking forward to .


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For me after I'd beaten (mostly) my food demons I lost 3 stone calorie counting then stuck.

Stuuuuccckkk for a year!

Recently I was told if I wanted help from the NHS to have a baby I'd need to get my BMI lower. Consultant suggested Cambridge.

Hated the consultant and NHS for blackmailing me but wanted to lose weight anyway so here I am and VERY motivated.

Wish I'd known about this diet years ago to be honest.

My reasons for being fat are all over now so my weight feels like a sign post to a town that died years ago!

Sorry bit of a ramble but to sum it up my motivations are a baby (hopefully) and not being fat anymore.


Trying to stay healthy!
hi zobo, firstly to get back to pre-baby weight, then to attend a friends wedding on 31st Oct where there will be people I haveb't seen in over a year. Also I too have a works xmas party on the 6th Dec and then I have a hen do in May 09 where there will be a load of skinny mini's that are all 10 years youngers than me!! got loads to keep me going i think!!
I have a twin, we look exactly the same, except she's now 2 stone heavier. Just looking at her gives me the motivation to carry on. I do love her to pieces, she's doing Slimming world, 1lb off one week 2lb on the next etc. I have tried to talk her into CD, even offered to pay half toward it, but she won't try. So I guess in a couple of months we'll be little and large, then she'll be depressed she didn't listen.......Just everyone listen! DO IT NOW, DON'T WAIT, DON'T CHEAT AND DON'T BE PUT OFF BY NEGATIVES!
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Hi Zobo, my children spur me on, i want to be able to run around the park with them and not just have to sit on the bench and watch my bf doing it. I feel i have missed out on so much with them that im determined to lose this 6 stone for them and to be a happier mum. Im 2 stone down now and im already noticing a difference in my energy levels and i can actually stand now for longer periods of time without my knee giving way lol. xx
Well my first one is the 6th December too! Ha! It's my hubby's christmas party that night too and I really wanna look better than I have done and feel more confident. I know I will still be a long way off target, but I could have lost a total of 5-6 stone by then and I will feel so much better for that!

My main motivation though is that I really want to start trying for a baby. I don't want to do that while I am so overweight as I know how uncomfortable I would be (I still need to lose about 11-12 stone). So I want to be healthy and as fit as I can for being pregnant :)
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I want to know what i will look like by my birthday in 2 months time and I want to see what I look like at Christmas

I also want ot have a baby and though not tried, assumed that being over 17 stone would not be good for me or baby, that and I think my hormones were probably being affected by being so big and holding so much weight on my tum

I am also periodically spurred on by the inspirational gallery, especially porgeous and blondelogic as they still post here and it gives me a reminder that it can be done. I never been so convinced I can do this and that keeps me going
The school yard spurs me on...
waiting to collect my litle one, who just started and feeling like a big fat frumpy mum. I hope my kids would never be so shallow but I don't want them to feel ashamed or embarrassed of me,
A new shopping centre in Leicester which has an All Saints and the highest size is a 14 - I so desperately want to get in to their clothes! !!!
S: 17st8lb C: 16st12lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st10lb(4.07%)
ooops just sped read and thought you said you wanted to trek across dartmoor on skates!! must be tired and need some more food!
The school yard spurs me on...
waiting to collect my litle one, who just started and feeling like a big fat frumpy mum. I hope my kids would never be so shallow but I don't want them to feel ashamed or embarrassed of me,

Ditto there all skinny codesending whores in my local school. Theres one in particular who swans around and thinks shes it with her french connection and gap clothes.

I would love to sashey past her in all my glory and skinny jeans and i have something she doesnt have - youth. Shes a old trollop and Id just once like one over her. Yes i know its childish!

But in general im looking forward too going to primark and buying loads of cheapie clothes and knowing they fit!


Back on the wagon
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Mine are:
For my Son - I dont want to feel frumpy collecting him from school (when he starts - he's only 2)
For ME! I need to prove to myself that I can get the weight off. I have been overweight/obese my whole adult life and its time to live now. I have a fab bunch of friends, am happily married (majority of the time) and my little fella keeps me focused (as does hubby actually)

I also can't wait to prove other important people in my life wrong. They think I am stupid for wanting to get to a healthy weight but to me it is just jealousy on their part - they are both overweight & ill because of it! I cant get them to see how wonderful this diet is and with determination you will suceed!

sorry, that turned into a bit of an essay!
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I want to wow the pants off mu hubby and all of our friends at his 30th bday party on the 5th December, i realise that its unlikely i will be skinny but i certainly won't be plus size hopefully.

My little boy (18mnths) was sat next to me when i was reading the paper, and i turned to a page with a big picture of Kelly Brook on it, he pointed at her and said "Mama" i nearly cried, so i would like to look as gorgeous as he thinks i am.

S: 16st10.5lb C: 15st13lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 34.9 Loss: 0st11.5lb(4.9%)
;)Good thread,

My main reason is that I am 30 in February & I plan to really let my hair down and party hard! Hopefully somewhere like Vegas with a load of friends:D Anyway I want to look back at the photos with pride & not make people delete them:eek:

2nd reason is I want children and to give myself the best chance I want to be slimmer...

3rd reason - I hate it in the summer when I can never find anything to wear other than shorts and long tops I want to wear nice dresses & flip flops

OH! And if I could get into a pair of Miss Sixty jeans I would be well chuffed!
for me its about self acceptance and to stop feeling low.

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