What's stopping me losing weight? :(?


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Hi guys, just done week 3 of low carbing. First week was great and I lost 11lbs, second week it dropped to 2lbs and this week 1lb. Last weekend I had 4 atkins bars which I know stall some people but had such a craving for something sweet. I've also fallen a bit in love with cheese crisps and am wondering if I've had too much :sigh:. Also I've been drinking tea and diet coke/pepsi which I know I shouldn't really. Do you think if I cut out the bars, cheese, tea and pop that I will see a bigger loss next week? I'm still chuffed to lose even 1lb as to me a loss is better than a gain but I would've liked to see at least 3lbs a week off...
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Hi there - well done on your initial losses - fantastic. Bodies sometimes have to catch up so don't be too despondent (see my early stats too)!

To be safe, i would definitely drop the bars and pop - stall the majority people. If you are having a lot of cheese suggest cut back to atkins daily guidelines or less. Re tea - all depends on what you are having in it- i have it black and drink loads;)

Good luck!


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Hi Jen, I think a stall on Atkins happens from time to time. I think also complacency sets in too and we forget to check everything we eat. I had a month stall but new I'm being strict with myself again and I'm back on track. Adding some oils/fats in can help, you need them as well as your proteins and veg.

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I had great losses first 2 weeks - last 2 weeks had been non-existent hoping weigh in tomorrow shows 2lbs and I'll be happy x

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Cafine is ment to be a nono on atkins

Also worth getting your thyroid cheecked as a dodgy one can sabatarge weight loss x

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Hi - looking at your stats you really have very little weight to lose so what you have shifted so far is particularly great! I do think 3lb a week loss is maybe slightly unrealistic for someone with such a low BMI? I think 1 -2 lbs would be a fantastic result for you