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what's the average you lose on SW per week??

Hi guys,

I know that we're all different but I was just wondering what the average is that we lose per week on SW.

I know week one is usually the big one but after that...??

what are we supposed to be losing per week??

I did cambridge last year and was losing 3-4lb per week which was fab :D but very hard at times.

This time I chose SW as I know that I should never go hungry :D which makes me very happy:D

Jo xxx
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ah yes, I remember now, :(

I think we all want to wave a magic wand and have it all fall off in ONE DAY :D if only.

As my old consultant used to say when the members would be down about just losing 1lb,
"do you want it back then"?? she would say, and "if you lost 1lb per week then over the year that would be 52lbs"!!!!!!!

I'll cling on to that so I don't get disheartened...
she made a lot of sense I guess :D


wants a new body
i have been on SW for 5 weeks and my weight loss varies depends on time of month too lol

last month felt brill lost 3lb on star week this month felt crap and lost 1lb
i think that it also depends how much weight you want to lose as well, someone needing to lose a lot of weight like me who is now eating healthier than i ever have before and has just started exercising will probably lose a little bit quicker than someone who has joined and only wants to lose a stone because my body is being pushed further
i know what i mean lol sorry if it don't make sense
you make a lotta sense to me Nannydi.

The more you have to lose the quicker in the beginning it will come off...makes sense.

My starting weight is 16st 1lb and have a goal of being 9st 13lbs :eek:
a long way to go but I'll try not to think about that... just bit by bit...
p.s. well done on your weight loss so far :):D:)
I started at just over 18 stone in Feb and my losses have been anywhere between 0.5 lb and 4 lb (excluding the first week which was 6lb) but on average Id say 2 lb a week. Good luck xx


wants a new body
thankyou sweetie, i'm sure you will do really well too. i want to get to 11st ish and at mo am 17st 11.5lb and as you can see i have lost a stone already. i'm sure the weight loss will slow down a bit over time , i feel a lot better in myself already and i am healthier i not getting out of breath so much lol
i started off just walking and i have just bought myself a cross trainer off ebay at the mo i can only manage a few minutes at a time lol but i know if i keep doing it it'll get easier
thanks rainbow.... 2lb per week is great...
and you have done bladdy marvelous, well done you :D
good luck with the cross trainer Nanny,

we had one but it just ended up being a clothes horse in our spare room, so we gave it to my Mum and Dad over a year ago, and guess what..... it still takes the roll of clothes horse:eek:



wants a new body
get it back then lol

hee hee, nope!!

ha ha ha.

You say you manage a few minutes at a time...there is no way I could manage a few seconds on it :eek::eek:

must admit though, when I saw it just the other day gathering dust in my parents home I was a bit peeved.... I might think about it when I've lost some weight.

I have a bad back, bad neck and bad foot, really, they're not excusses but I know when I lose weight that my back probs ease a bit so could manage a work out soon I hope.

Another thing for me to consider is the room for the damn thing.
I've just converted one of our bedrooms into an ART STUDIO last weekend ....I'm a full time Mum and Wife and part time artist and crafter...I love my little studio..it keeps me SANE.:D well, almost :D

I do plan on taking up walking when I have lost some weight as even that does my back in.... :(feeling sorry for myself now:(



wants a new body
my sanity is when i shut myself in the bedroom away from my lot, i have 3 boys aged 16 14 and 12 two have ASD one has ADD they all have big gobs pmsl
i put cross trainer in bedroom then i feel as though i runnin away from em lol

i a full time mum and wife too lol and a singer !!!
firstly, you dont look old enough to have a 16 yr old :eek::eek::eek:

secondly...wow, a singer eh????

what's your style??
I've been doing SW for 33 weeks and have lost 43.5lb so that averages out to 1.3lb per week (to be exact!)
I've been doing SW for 33 weeks and have lost 43.5lb so that averages out to 1.3lb per week (to be exact!)
well done on your weight loss :D bet you feel great.


wants a new body
oooh thankyou my friend
i unfortunately am old enough to have a 16 year old lol i am 40 next march.
singer wise most things although i love 60's and 70's music with a passion, i sing shout by lulu and carpenters and loads of other stuff.
i was in a band with hubby till earlier this year but some of the ego's were getting too big so we got out and we are just starting up a new band

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