Whats the difference between this and slim fast??

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by cddietgal, 30 December 2010 Social URL.

  1. cddietgal

    cddietgal Full Member

    please could anyone tell me what the difference is if any??

    Many thanks cdg x
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  3. Blondiejules

    Blondiejules Full Member

    Good question, I was wondering that. I was thinking it's the carbs in your main meal, but that's a guess and I could be wrong... By the way I'm new here, so hello to you all . X
  4. Constantwitch

    Constantwitch Member

    I think there is a lot more sugar in slimfast
  5. Blondiejules

    Blondiejules Full Member

    That would explain why I'm not craving sweet things....I'm already getting my fix twice a day with SF.
  6. desireeanne

    desireeanne Full Member

    i am just looking into the drinks (meal replacements)
    how well do they work can anybody give me some information and tips please
  7. Diet-Diva

    Diet-Diva Member

    Hi All
    Is celebrity slim diet similar to the biggest loser diet too?
    I have had a brief look at both plans and they do seem similar although today I tried some of the biggest loser stuff and the soup is vile!!!!! LOL!
    The shake at breakfast was nice but i could not stomach the minging soup.

    What is celebrity slim like compared to it? x

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