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Whats the difference?????


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The only differences really are CD have a wee bit more choice so far as flavours go and range of products also generally LT works out cheaper. Hth.
Haha I tried my friends shake she's on the Cambridge, and it was so nice!!
I could eat some muffins lol I'm STARVIN!! Forgot how hard this diet was, findin it really hard!! X x

Jessie 888

one life only
Me too, Tori. I feel exactly the same about retraining the old taste buds! I never thought I'd be looking forward to crunchy peppers and lettuce!
Will be stickin to lipotrim!! Wasnt really sure wot the CD was all about thought they were the same!!! I hope I reach my goal by August :-/

Jessie 888

one life only
I just read a good post from Slimboy saying that LT's "strictness is its strength". I like it!
Thank you!! Yea it is a great help just lookin at everyones posts knowin there goin through the same thing or have been through the same thing!! Good luck and I will keep u posed with how I'm gettin on x

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