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whats the hell is happenng!!

not happy with 2nites weigh in, it was total rubbish, i gained 1 lb :mad: i know its not much but its so hard for me to actually shed any weight, god knows why!!!!
this week i know i have been rundown, ive not felt well & not eaten enough plus i have been havin bowel troubles since startin SW so that wont be helpin (am off to the docs to get sorted, i hope!!) but its so frustrating, i have been doin SW 5 wks now & only got rid of 2.5lbs how rubbish is that!!!!
i have been doing EE but this week i did 2 green days as well.

anyone got any tips or ideas???? would be greatly appreciated

Lisa xx
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I want to be fitter again
Have you posted your food diaries so we can all take a peek and see if there is anything we can point you in the right direction ?
Hey hun,
Somtimes our bodys do do bizarre things, but although every loss is a loss, and its fab, i can appriciate you would like to see a bit more off, and with no disrespect, although you dont have tonnes to lose, you dont just have a few lbs to loose which can usually mean a slow loss.. so if your having 100% weeks you should be seeing better results..

deffinatly post your sw food diary, as although your C may see no problem with it, with so many of us activly following the plan lots of different things can work better for every individual so lost of us will be able to offer you advise that may make a difference.


Lots of lurrve. x


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Hi Lisa,

I feel your pain. It ain't working for me either:sigh:. I've got my 2nd WI tomorrow and feel bigger than ever. Have you tried the original plan? I'm gonna go onto that tomoz. Think it might work as there's less carbs. I've just been to the docs yesterday as i've been having awful tummy and bottom problems still starting SW (overactive problems:eek:). Have to wait on blood test results but it may be the increase in fibre that has sent me this way. I've tried SW before with little success but it's such a fab plan i keep coming back to it in the hope that one time it'll actually work for me. Don't think i could stick WW again but never say never!!! Your food diary looks very healthy and seems to be 100% so looks like you and me in the same boat. Everyone's different:cry:
Have you tried up..ing your fluid intake, i drink 3ltr's of water per day and around 4 green tea, i have no troubles in the loo department, lol
Have you tried up..ing your fluid intake, i drink 3ltr's of water per day and around 4 green tea, i have no troubles in the loo department, lol

thanks 4 the tip but yes i drink loads everyday, i have at least 8 cups of green tea & 2ltrs of no added sugar (very weak) cordial or just plain water!!
i think its def gotta be doing that drastic diet, i know my thyroids are ok cos the docs have tested them for me but looks like i gotta go back to sort my bowels out, why cant things just be straight forward for me lol all i want is a healthy BMI!!!! xx

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