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What's the muffin thing???

Hmmmm having looked the recipe's I'm not sure does anyone have any positive feedback on the recipe's?


Step away from the chips!
Yup i love my choc muffins :D:D oooh and the chicken & mushroom stuffing is yummy too.
ok maybe i'll give it a go can you do it in your first two weeks?


Step away from the chips!
I think so :)


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Crisps!!!! crisps are fab fab fab. Take me alot longer to cook than it recommends, but i think i make them thicker than recommended! Takes me about 2.30/3minutes to cook mine and I get about 16 out of a pack :)
I made the muffin a few times but mine was more like poached egg with scrambled egg, I actually fell ill thinking about it.

I know if it not going to be a muffin like a 'proper' one but mine resembled anything but a muffin.

With the crisps...again no luck here, do they actually go crunchy? Mine just went like a stiff paste.
oh i might try these x


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I think you can 'cook' up to one pack a day.

I found the muffins good and when you can buy mix a mousse from your CDC the mousse is lovely. Also recommend ice lollies made with flavourings and frozen tetras. and ice cream

Just give them a try

Irene xx
I have just made a 'muffin' and can honestly say it was awful!!!!

I dont know if it takes practice... but not sure that I would try this again... I made a choc one yuk!!
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I made the toffee and walnut and a vanilla muffin. They are delish, and a life saver for me

I just make mine in a ramekin dish, adding a little water to the pack and stirring until thick, but not runny.

I then nuke mine in the micro for 1 min 30. Then I turn it out onto a side dish and micro again for 30-40 secs, until it looks 'cooked'.

Leave for a min or 2 and enjoy with a tea - bliss!!

Each to their own though, I tried the crisps last time on CD and they made me gag!:p Think I may have to try again though, as it may have been my cooking technique! x
I did a toffe and walnut one this morning but still not enthused, I defo think it's my technique practice make perfect!!!!


going to do it this time!
The muffins are yummy with a hot chocolate from the shakes :):) x

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