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What's the one tip you would give..

Personaly mine would be...
-dont deprive yourself of some thigns you love just have it once a week and look forward to it as it will taste so much better.
-not to snack on anything other than fruit/0 point things.
-Avoid the ww and diet puds/bars as they are addictive/yummy and i cant resist them!


Green tea advocate!!
Write everything down!! :)
track everything that passes your lips and try and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day :D


Sweet wrapper fetishist.
Plan in advance for treats and then save points towards them. Makes you feel so much more in control not to go off plan and have a treat without worrying about it.
Drink lots of water
Change small things like take the stairs or walk instead of drive.
Swap full fat for half fat (or less) in as much foods as you can
Thought of another one which really works for me...

spend time shopping around to find the lowest point things that you enjoy, there is no point spending 1.5 points on a ww pitta if you dont like them, spend the extra 1 point on one you do like and its not as hard to stick to as you dont feel you are suffering on a diet.
Spend points wisely!
In the morning I always plan what im going to eat that day so that I spread out my points and im not left hungry! also use your points wisely by being aware that similar foods have different points eg I saved 0.5 points by buying different sausages and 0.5 points by buying different beans.
If I had to pick ONE it would be.... Plan ahead!

For me the key is to plan all my meals for the week, then write a shopping list of what I need and only buy whats on the list! Saves money too.
Don't think about a long term goal too much or you'll stress yourself. Work on one day at a time.. "Today I will stick to my points and be good"..

Also there's nothing you can do that can't be undone..

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