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Whats ur story?


Getting closer everyday
Hey everyone,

Im relatively new to this forum and am loving all of you! Ur support is phenomenal!!! I Know that many of you longtimers are well accustomed to each other but i'd like to get to know you all. (within reason, im not a scary psycho that needs to know everything lol).

So ill Start...Im 25 my start weight is 16 stone and my target weight is 12 as im 5ft9. Ive always been slightly bigger than my friends but after the birth of my son it got worse. Ive had small shots at other diets like the G.I and slimmers world, did well for a short time but got bored counting points and other things. Plus i'd always have just one little treat! uh oh!!! Then for a while i was happy with the way i looked.

Now for me its not about how i look, its about the health. I don't have any weight related illnesses yet but how long until i do? I have a 3 year old son and i wanna enjoy every single minute with him and to be a mum that he will always be proud of. Plus although my partner of almost 6 years adores me as i am, id love to have a little less of me for him to handle and some sexier clothes to be handled in ;)

So about a month ago i was havin a good chat with a girl from work who had lost loads of weight and was lookin amazing and she told me her lipotrim secret. It was like a sign from above that could not be ignored. A harsh no nonsence programme that would either make or break me and im pleased to say so far its making me.....HAPPY!!! It is hard but hey you get nowhere without a little hard work!! it can't all be given to us on a plate...thats how we're here in the 1st place lol.

Other info is that i Work in a private day care nursery and if i can dish up yummy kids dinner and avoid party tea in the past few days...i can do this!!! Im part of the management team and also head of my section. it is such an active job and i also walk the 15 mins there and back, so after a 9 hour day and once i've played and entertained my own son at home, im shattered. But hey hopefully that means this is working and that im losing pounds!!

Hope to get to know you all soon and im sorry for waffling on!!

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Hi Tasha, and welcome you have definitely come to the right place for support, laughter and encouragement, i set of last week at 16 stone so good luck you can and will do it xxxx


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S: 14st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 1st0lb(7.14%)
Welcome Tash x All I can say is this is the best diet ever and im halfway thru wk 6 and am really feeling the benefits. Im not hungry, never cheated (like all my other diets!) and bonus...Its bloomin quick!!!!!!!!! This forum has been a godsend and I spent a lot of my first 2 wks on here just reading all the inspirational stories and really beliving I could do it....Well so far I am and its all thanks to the guys on here. Keep logging on hunny cos youll get nothing but support and encouragement here. Good luck x
Sal x


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Hi Tasha, great to hear from you. I've just re-started Lipo and just joined this site - but at same time, both just as good as each other. Lipo is absolutely fantastic - it's strict and is a crutch as you won't be educated on eating for when you come off Lipo but it does the trick. I'm 39, have a very stressful and high powered job, everything in control and perfect at all times, except.......me, my weight etc etc. Work very long hours, have a great hubby and 2 kids. Feel like a bag of s**** most of the time cause I can't wear the clothes I want or should wear - no illnesses TG but then when you're overweight, you can't do as many things as you like to.. I started back on Lipo on Tuesday this week - this is day 3 and I'm in ketosis - HURRAY! breathe stinks but hey hoo!
I've a long journey ahead, I need to lose at least 5 stone but then again I know it can be done and quickly on this diet so with you all the way... my first weigh in is on Monday and if I can learn how to post a thread I'll let you know how I get on. Best of luck to you and us all......again can't reiterate enough just how much support I get from this site - if in doubt and about to put something in my mouth - I log on... simple as. Not hungry at all but it's the habit we need to break

Best of luck and speak often


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Helloooo Tasha! :D I've seen you post around before but not sure if I've given you a proper welcome so.... HIII!! :D:D

It's brilliant that you are sounding so positive about being on LT - I do believe that it's so important when on a diet, if you're thinking 'oh god, I can't have anything, I hate this, it sucks' then you'll break it but if you're thinking about how much better for you this is and how much happier you'll feel when you're slim then it makes it easier to stick to! :)

When's your first WI? x


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Hi welcome to the forum so pleased you have decided to do lipotrim. Having been on this diet for 10 weeks the amount of support & advice given on this forum is brilliant & makes the weeks fly by.

Start weight 18.00st
week1 8lb's lost
week2 5lb's lost
week3 6lb's lost
week4 4lb's lost
week5 5lb's lost
week6 6lb's lost
week7 5lb's lost
week8 3lb's lost (3 stones lost:):))
week9 5lb's lost (stopped smoking after 10yrs:):))
week10 3lb's lost


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hello Tash and welcome wishing you lots of luck, you have come to the right place for support and inspiration x


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Welcome to the forum Tasha.

This really is the best diet.

I started 10 weeks ago after a couple of friends had had big losses on it. I was a bit sceptical at first but have found it easy to stick to and have lost quite a bit so far. I have never cheated and haven't been tempted to.

This forum has been a godsend and has really helped my determination and willpower. The people on here are great and have more knowledge of the diet than most chemists. They are always ready to help when you need it.

Good luck.


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