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What's wrong with me!!


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Something strange is occuring...

Been decorating my living room for the past few days, up and down ladders, painting with a roller...my leg and arm muscles are aching BUT I like it...so much so I've just ordered the 30 Day Shred and some hand weights. :D

Will the shred kill me?

Am extremely inactive normally but got a real buzz from getting up off my arse and doing something, feels weird, haha!

So would it be beneficial for someone as unfit as me or should one have some degree of fitness to start it?
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Thanks for the tips...will drink lots of water on days I do it. How often would you say was beneficial...I may die if I do it every day, lol
Rest days are important. Saturday is my rest day. Might do a few yoga poses but nothing intense as by resting it gives your body a chance to repair and readjust. I'll have aching legs have my Saturday off and i'm set for the week and the pain goes. I do feel a little lazy not working out that day, but i do walk everywhere and its a Saturday so sir of school and lots of running around the park.

Also not quite sure what a 30 day shred is and tbh sounds a little horrific LOL


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Ah it's just a workout DVD, there's loads of folks doing it on here...threads in the teams forum too. Looks good, at least there's a beginners section too.
The 30 day shred is amazing! My sister recommended it to me. Have to say prepare for the aching though.. At the time you'll be thinking it's not TOO bad, but boy did I ache! I only managed to complete about 8 days because work and life got in the way, but if I'm honest with myself, it takes 30 mins start to finish, I have no excuse!! You've motivated me to start again, and I will, this morning straight after WI. There's massive potential to lose inches and tone up. Oh and I LOVE Jillian too, you can tell she trains hard, she's defo got the body to prove it! Good luck and let us know how you get on xxxxx


The shred is lethal (even the beginner) if you not used to it! I'm not overly fit and have a dodgy knee - lasted 3 days lol! I know people have amazing results on it quickly though which makes them stick to it, you'll do amazing I just wouldn't recommend doing it everyday! X good luck x


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Lethal = death, lol!! Not sure I could manage a full 30 mins but will stop for breathers on exercises I can't do and see how I go. Any movement is better than none at all eh.
I've done 3 days of it so far. Its only 20 mins in total, so quite easy to keep to but boy it hurts for the first few days and day 2 was v difficult as my muscles were v painful from day 1.
Tuesday is my rest day as I've got weigh in this evening and won't have time when i get home at 9.30pm. There are some of the exercises which I have modified as i have a dodgy knee (jumping jacks in particular affect it) and it is hard work, but i reckon it will be worth it.

Get yourself an exercise mat as well as you do spend a bit of time on the floor.


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If I get on the floor I'll have to stay there...have a kip, that's how the mat will come in useful :D Just ordered one with a little bag to keep it in too, thanks for the tip!
The shred is great. Even the beginners level is hard but manageable, and the soreness goes after a while. I'm on about day 24 and I've definitely noticed a change in terms of muscle definition, and I lost 4.5lbs last week and 1.5 the week before!

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