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whats wrong with me??

i feel i've done well and very fortunate to have the losses i've acheived over these past weeks but i think i've started to become complacent :( I put my goal as 9st so i have about 1st 7lbs left or 1st if i decide to stay at 9st 7lbs. Anyway since reaching the mid 10s i,ve started to nibble...well nibble more than usual lol! although i've managed to get back on track. I've nibbled occasionally but not on impulse only when i choose to which is why it has been easy to go stgraight back to 100% but the last few days had been hard :sigh:
Im much more motivated now than a few days ago and the sun is reminding me of what i wont enjoy if i dont shift this weight :D
I went shopping today and bought more pampering stuff and also bought more clothes as motivation to fit into as im not going back to size 14/16

Im not even sure why im writing all this stuff down. i have a holiday to look forward to, i had a consultation for a tummy tuck and breast uplift (though tummy is way more important) and now size 14 is too big so i've enough to keep me motivated so i best just get on with with! hope everyone else has had a better week than me :)
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you have done really well so far, i think everyone has their week points and lack of motivation days but i think they are needed just to get back back into 100%, keep going, you will get there eventually.
Mazzy, most of us go through stages of complacency. The excitement we feel when first starting the diet wears off & the reality of long term self control starts staring us in the face, not to mention the loss of a food treat. No harm in having a nibble now & then as long as you don't let it get out of control & try to stick to allowed foods. Keep thinking of the holiday you have booked & of relaxing on the beach feeling slimmer than you are at the moment ( if its a beach holiday) x
thankyou spea and susie :) xx im feeling a little better and more positive at the moment so here's to another 100% tomorrow! lol! there's no point beating yourself up is there just get on with it.
Looking at your statisics you're both doing really well :) Susie yours is almost like mine as i was originally 13st before i lost 7lbs and joined exante, was also thinking to change goal to 9st 7lbs as well :)
Good luck on your next weigh ins
Mazzy was your starting weight 12.7?? That's what I weigh now and would like to weigh between 9 & 9.7 too. How long you done this for? X and did you do TS?


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Mazzy I can relate, Its hard when you start getting complancent, I'm feeling happy as I am getting lots of compliments and things are fitting better etc etc and have started snacking like there is no tomorrow, fruit seems to be my magor weakness eve though before this diet I barely ate any fruit! and I keep justifying low carb but high cal foods with "well it is low carb"
I'm hoping to get my 100% head back on tomorrow! Sounds like your getting yours back on, After one week I think it will get back to normality again for us to be 100% and until then minimins support will get me (and I am sure you) through!
Good Luck :D
Mazzy was your starting weight 12.7?? That's what I weigh now and would like to weigh between 9 & 9.7 too. How long you done this for? X and did you do TS?
Hi melm i just finished my 8th week and would have lost a lot more if i hadn't nibbled on things i shouldn't of :rolleyes: i did ts completely on week 1 and 2, then wk 3 and 4 ate out once, mainly chicken and salad. then wk 5 and wk 6 ts then week 7 ate crap, and this week even more crap hence the small losses these last couple weeks...plus this post :sigh::eek::( I definately would have reached 10st by now or at least 10st 2lbs but i just have to brush myself off and get on with it. if i get my act together i will see the number 9 on the scales this month :D
I have to say i didnt think i'd see 10 on the scales in as little as 6 weeks so our goal is definately acheivable :) x

Neinor you definately relate! :D its so true! you start to feel good with the compliments and feel more better within yourself cos the clothes fit better and then you just start to get complacent. we WILL get back on track especially with minimins ;)

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