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whats you favourite smell????

Mine would have to be
1. Strawberrys - or anything with a strawberry smell off it
2. a baby's head
my choices would be:

freshly cut grass
summer rain on tarmac
freshly baked bread

whats yours?????

freshly cut grass
summer rain on tarmac
freshly baked bread
petrol :eek:
aftershave sniffed from a man's bare chest
I'd have to go with

Fresh baked bread
Ground coffee brewing
My herb garden after a summer rain
And if I was being naughty - the smell of bacon frying.....mmm
def petrol and aftershave when I walk passed a guy with aftershave on it doesnt matter what he looks like I just love it!!! and I want to love lavender but hate it! Oh and I love the smell of suncream hhhmmmm.


Wants it Gone!
hmm mine would be
cut grass
my mam's cooking
freshy brewed coffee
Jean Paul Gautier Perfume
Oriental Lillies
Coconut Sun Tan Oil
My own farts :) (<-joke)

fat boy slim

gaggin for a beer!
love the smell of a BBQ too

and strangely i love the smell of new tennis balls
Baked bread
Wood smoke


freshly cut grass

and Mmm food lol (only kidding) x

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
I'm gunna have to go with the baked bread too. I have a (now redundant) breadmaker. Also like the smell when you're at the seaside,.... Its a mix of sea air and suncream. Also love christmassy smells like orange, cinnamon and spices

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Slightly off topic but I went round to my mums the other night and she and my godmother were putting the world to rights with a glass of red each. I was stood inbetween them in the kitchen and I had to go get some air, the smell of the wine was so strong to me it was going to my head and I couldn't breathe! Just shows how your senses sharpen when you're not used to things.


Staff member
New baby/my husband:)
Clothes dried outside in clean air.
Christmas dinner
Cut grass
I know I did the same at a wedding last weekend I was sitting outside with the gang listening to a jazz band and they were all drinking cider with ice and the sun was beaming down. I could smell the apples in the cider.My sparkling water had no smell hhuummp!!!!
Julz your getting worse lol x
A baby's head Louise "what ya talking about Willis"

Jet fuel in a morning
Rain on a hot day - when the steam is coming off the road.
Mowed grass
Bacon frying
MEK Methol Ethol Ketone leathal but nice
A good old fashioned pipe
Boot polish
Toast just before burning
That smoke they shake about in church
A new car
Chunky (dog food)
Bath with Radox in
Fresh new bedding
LT chicken soup
..............and good Old English fresh air!


Loving LT!!!
Just food and fags really, oops, don't eat, oh nor do I smoke, oh well, they smell nice! OOOH and new foam!
T x

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