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What's your cut off time?

Just wondering any of you have a cut off time in the evenings when you stop eating?

I am finding it very difficult not to eat late as a couple of my exercise classes finish late i.e. 8:30 and by the time I get home and shower you're talking after 9!!

With all the exercise I am doing I've noticed that my metabolism has speeded up 10 folds and am constantly eating...is this as wrong as it appears? If you eat late what kinda things do you eat?

Feedback appreciated
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Is so doing it this time
Hiya... we always end up eating late for some reason or another. Late can sometimes mean 10pm!!! but then I dont end up going to bed till 1am and am shattered in the morning. Its mainly cos DH isnt home till late and I wait for him buy recently I've been trying to eat earlier ie 7pm ish and if I get peckish later I snack on a yogurt or have a mugshot. Sometimes cos I know I'll be hungry later I save my HEX b and have that, so its toast with laughing cow or an alpen bar. Tonight it was 2 alpens and I used 2.5syns on a mini twister xx
I eat late every night, i had my dinner tonight at 10.30pm, not normally that late but around 8-9pm.

it def has not slowed my losses down or affected me in any way.

having said that i dont eat heavy meals keep them quite light such as salmon salad or omelate

if i eat to hungry i would be picking at things that i shouldnt be lol
I eat when I'm hungry too - whatever time that is!
I had SW chips and gravy for supper last night about 10.30 so I dont really have a cut off time.. Someone asked in class last week and she said it really doesn't matter


Now to maintain.....
i eat whenever im hungry!!
i very often eat my last thing in bed...lol....take my syns as chocolate to bed and read a mag whilst eating it.
My cut off time is bedtime!
I have dinner any time from 6-8pm, depending on what we are doing and then have supper around 9ish (usually a B choice).
However, if I'm still hungry I'll have more. Cheese and ryvita at 10pm last night :)
I eat when I'm hungry, have actually seen me sitting in bed with a cuppa and a alpen bar.
me too... I often take my options and a alpen bar to bed with me. We normally Eat about 8 to 9 on a normal Day, i'm often still at work at 8, have usually cooked the dinner at lunchtime on late nights so just needs heating up. Last week though we didn't eat til 11ish all week.
I eat when I wanna lol.. I did read in a mag the other day though that Kelly Osbourne has lost 3 stone and she has said that eating something that has no carbs or sugar goes to bed really helps to keep her matablisisum (no idea on spelling!!) through the night and has helped to boost her weightlosses, but who knows!
A personal trainer I was talking to at the gym reckoned there were fat loss benefits to 'no carbs after 6pm' or whatever...

Maybe, and I suppose he knows what he's talking about, but as long as you're in overall calorie deficit, I think much more is just tinkering.

In saying that, I try not to eat anything after my dinner at night, whenever I manage to have that, and I think it helps.
No cut off point for me, I eat when I am hungry. Most days I have all my syns in the evening, post dinner and pre-bed, like 9:30 (bed's at 11) so I eat late generally.


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i find i crave it all the more if i tell myself not to do something, so i try to have fruit and mullerlight in incase i get that urge which is normally at about 9pm as we have our tea early so the little en has it before bed time !.. dont worry hun eat when your hungry !

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