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Whats your experiance with...

talking to people from call centres?

I ask this cos i just got off the phone with someone from the jobseekers place.. She was sooo mean at one point she made me cry.. she was absaloutly horrible.. I didnt understand a question.. so i said (cos she had told me to ask if there was anything i didnt understand).. the question was.. "when do you want to claim from".. and i said.. does this mean from when i finished working.. or when i claimed.. and she said "everyone is asked the same question and THEY dont have any problem answering.. the questions are all simple enough for anyone to understand.. so i dont see how you dont.. Sooooo mean..

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Unfortunately you will find that some people are not very sympathetic when it comes to things like that. Fortunately though not all people in call centres are the same and you came, sometimes, get someone who is lovely.

I had a similar experience with a man from SKY, I put the phone down in the end and sorted the problem out myself!

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i know.. lol.. i used to work in a call centre.. and i used to get customer reccomendations.. always used to make me feel a bit big headed.. hehehe..
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(Gasp) Kitteh I am absolutely shocked by this!! Lucky she wasn't talking to me because I do like a good fight now and then lol. You should have reported her!
Oh dont get me started. We now have a call centre at work to take calls from the public, everything you report to the police goes through a call centre.

The staff are nice but its just not a good system, in fact its a b***** nightmare. Half the time they dont take the info we really need, and because they dont work in the area they dont have local knowledge so all the loonies that phone up on a regular basis end up calling all the more because they know that the call takers take their calls at face value & think theyre genuine, whereas when they phoned the station we sent them off with a flea in their ear!
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I'm actually a trainer in a call centre, so I train people to do their job.
Rudeness is one thing I can not tolerate!!!
I always tell trainees at the start that t is ok to make mistakes in training, it's not a sin to get your words muddled on your first day or to stutter etc, get information slightly wrong, they are all things we can deal with. But to be rude to a customer, there is no excuse for that!!
It enrages me!! Grrrr!


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I have been fortunate to only ever have to go to the Job Centre once in my whole life..... never been out of work until last year when I left a job cos it made me so miserable and ill....:cry: I didn't even know till someone told me about 6 months after when I was still out of work that I could claim job-seekers allowance.... and maybe get back pay too... anyway, went to the Job Centre and after waiting hour and half and filling loads of forms in the woman told me that I wouldn't stand a chance of getting any back pay because they wouldn't believe that I'd never heard of job seekers allowance.... when I said I hadn't she just said well how could you not - everyone knows about it....:eek: Er I don't think so love.... I have never from the age of 17 to 42 claimed dole/social/whatever you call it.... or set foot in a job centre - so how the feck am I supposed to know - I worked in my previous job to the one that made me ill for 15 years and before that there was no such thing...she made me feel like I was a right idiot and I felt so ashamed....:eek: Didn't help when 2 weeks later I get a letter saying that cos I hadn't paid enough NI in the last year I couldn't claim a penny - so all the other 20 odd years I'd paid full stamp counted for nothing....

Sorry Cat know this isn't strictly about call centres but feck it did my head in ... especially as the job centre was full of scroungers getting everything going.... grrrr rant over!!!

Oh but my absolute pet hate is when you get put through to a call centre and you can't understand them.... so frustrating as it's obvious they are just reading parrot fashion of a standard sheet of info....:mad:


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I'd report her, she has no right to talk to you like that. I hate it when call centre staff are rude to you, after all they are obviously not the brains of britain so they have no right to talk down to another person. Not meaning to put call centre staff down. When people are rude to me I always tell myself that they're obviously so unhappy with their own lives they have to make complete strangers unhappy too.

Did you get her name? If so report her :p


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Lol.. im gonna say to the woman at the job centre tomorrow when i go about her.. just in passing convo.. lol.. Mich.. i know what you mean.. its an outrage isnt it.. ive never claimed.. it was only my mam who was like.. well go for it.. Ive worked since i was like.. 13.. and its only recently i havnt had a job because i was made redundant.. makes me sick..

I loved call centre work.. i loved speaking to people.. and sorting out their problems.. BUT.. i hated cold calling.. couldnt stand it.. the amount of abuse you get is sooo not worth it.. and i dont like having cold callers ring me either.. But no matter how rude anyone was.. i was still lovely.. like.. i once had someone tell me he was coming to shoot me.. and i just said something along the lines of "oh.. well i can tell your really busy.. sorry for that.. thanks"
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