whats your favorite omelette filling?


I will do this!!!
I haven't had an omelette for years!


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cheese and mushroom. Mmm.
Fancied one for breakfast today, but no mushrooms!! Boo.


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I love the carrot, brocolli and sweetcorn Steamfresh veg bag in with extra chopped onions.

My favourite SW dish is Omelette with Sweet potato mash, yummm!!


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when I can afford it, i buy the smoked salmon bits and use them. I feel I am having something very luxurious, otherwise its cheese and mushroom with some cherry tomatoes.

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Definately mushroom! :D


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OMG such delicious ideas!!! I love salmon and tomatoes in my omelettes. I also love fritattas with everything in it!


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gotta have cheese in there, and then bacon / ham is a good, mushroom ( presoftened with frylight) ... if I am making it ....
if someone else is making it then i generally dont care, so long as it fits in with the SW plan and they havent spat in it :)
Mushrooms are the best, I think - there is something about mushrooms and eggs which really work well together. If I have a lemon, I will grate a little bit of lemon zest into the mushrooms - delicious.

And not forgetting cheese, of course.

Actually I more often make a frittata than an omelette. I don't have a conventional cooker at the moment, but I do have a Remoska, and it is very easy to make a frittata in that.


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I love having bacon, spring onions, mushrooms then tomatos and cheese on top mmmm lovely specially with tin of speghitti in tomato ssauce, also sometimes i do potato with mine and bang in some shredded chicken and make it into a foo yung just keep stiring every so often and whack a bit of soya sauce and mmmm lovely :D:D


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courgettes all the way. One of my fave things. Courgette and mozzarella omellette!!



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My favourite is dry fried onions with lots of seasoning.