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What's your favourite and least favourite food pack?

So this week I'm allowed bars for the first time and the first thing I tried was one of the Nut Bars (I can't remember which one is which). It was possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. So I spat it out, tossed the rest of it and ate the other type of nut bar which was actually quite yummy. I haven't tried all of them yet but avoided the Lemon one as I don't like lemon flavouring (I'm thinking like Lemon Curd).

As for the shakes, I really like the Caramel one which most people don't seem to. I also like chocolate and strawberry.

My fave soups are the chicken and the veg, the Thai Sweet Chilli didn't really taste of anything and just thinking of the Mushroom one makes me gag.

So, what are your likes and dislikes in the foodpacks?
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Happily pro pointing!
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bars - tried the toffee and thought I would throw up, also though the cranberry was nasty.
love the new nut, and strangely, quite like the old nut one too.
soups - like all of them, but if I had to choose a fave, prob mushroom. I have to add losalt to them all though.
shakes - love the vanilla in coffee, and the strawb is nice too. can't stand choc or caramel (this is from a former chocoholic).


Back to the grindstone!!
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Well, love the soups apart from Thai Chilli, just not for me! Not so keen on the shakes, make mine into moouse (sp) if I do have them or the choc into a muffin. Only bar that is horrible as far as I am concerned is the nut crunch. Yeach! I do, however, crumble a bit and put it into the choc muffin. Not so bad in there. My fav pack has to be the mushroom though. I love it!!! Strangely, not so much of a mushroom fan! Go figure!! lol
Never tried the nut bar - had heard how revolting it was. Loved lemon and rasberry & cranberry bars. Would even buy them if "normal" food at normal prices! (Sad I know.) Shakes: caramel made me retch; as did new vanilla but I love the old vanilla with coffee. I quite miss it! Don't mind the choc but don't think it has ever had any contact with chocolate! Went off soups in big way around week 9 - not sure why. Someone said to view the packs as medicine - think that's a good idea; liking any of them is then a bonus.
My tastes have really changed over the course of my LL journey. At first I LOVED the banana and Thai Chili - can't stomach either of them anymore. Couldn't stand the chocolate in the beginning - now can't get enough of it! It really is very strange.

As for the bars, I am trying to restrict them a bit as the new ones are just too yummy. I agree on the nut crunch bar - it is disgusting, but the two new ones are lovely.

Funnily enough, as it has got colder I have got more and more into the shakes - nice and thick with lots of ice.

Ok, I have figured out I am a tad odd!

My goodness - congratulations, Leesy. What fantastic weight loss. Go you!!!

Ha! This thread just goes to show that you can't please all the people all the time!

I like the vanilla with coffee (have developed a terrible artificially-sweetened artificially-milky caffeine habit: is this wise???) mushroom and Thai chilli soups, lemon and raspberry/cranberry bars. Never tried the old nut bars, thanks to lots of negative comments on here ('ceiling tile' was my favourite description. Well said, somebody!)

Yes, your tastes do change, don't they? I've also heard that once you return to 'real' food, your tastes are different too. Should be interesting...
Now when I first ate the old nut crunch bar I thought it was the worst thing I'd ever tasted and thought I must spread the word so others wouldn't waste their money on them, but...for some strange reason I bought another one, don't ask me why. This time I put it under the grill to toast it slightly, now I'm strangely addicted to them even though they still taste like cack!!! I buy one a week now, I guess just so I have something different to chew on, they still stick in my throat but at least it helps with my water intake!!!

I love the thai chilli made into a poppadum, I found that if I make it into a paste and spread it on one of those silicone baking cake round mould thingies and put it in the microwave it peels off wonderfully well. I also make poppadums out of the chicken and mushroom soups.

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