What's your 'favourite' flavour foodpack?


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Hi All,

Not sure if anyone's done this before, but am bored so I thought I'd start this post.

My favourite (if you can call it that) is the lemon bar, followed by the chocolate, made either hot with a sweetener, or with St Clem's flavouring frozen into sweets.

My most hated things in the world are milk and salt, and all the packs taste of both. What I would give for a tomato soup...

Oh and the worst has to be a fight between the thai chili soup and the caramel shake. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
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I hate the caramel shake too lol, but have you tried the chilli pack made into crisps? I like them.

my fav would be veg soup or choc shake. I also like raspberry shake and chicken soup but they definately come 2nd.

I use a spoon of marigold, a splash of tabasco, a veg soup pack and 400ml water to make a double size yummy big soup! takes a little while to drink and makes me feel I've 'had' something if you know what I mean!

The worst one for me has to be mushroom soup, I can't stand it at all! I for one would LOVE it if they brought out a tomato pack!

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Mmm I really enjoy my morning hot caramel - I use an extra large mug, put two heaped teaspoons of coffee in and whiz it up with hot water, like a posh coffee then :D

I always have a soup for lunch and one for tea, usually vegetable or mushroom. Occassionally I make these into crisps.

Every night I really look forward to my lemon bar made into cookies, I have it with a cup of decaf coffee. and take ages to eat them :D


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On CD. my fav shake is toffee and walnut, my fav soup cheese and broccoli and my fav bar malt toffee.
Quite lucky really cos i do like them all.


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marigold is vegetable stock. Lots of us use it instead of paying for the savoury drinks as they are quite expensive. The ingredients are very similar, although the marigold has much more salt. Its not officially 'allowed' but no one appears to find it affecting their progress any. I think there is a low salt version as well but I've never managed to find it.



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o wow - never heard of marigold but what a fab idea. I like the savoury drink and that would be really good - anyone know which supermarkets stock it? will go investigating this week too.

am ok with drinking lots of water at moment but know I'm only in week 4 - would be fab to vary just the water or LL juice powders - which are great but are £9!


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I like all flavours that I have tried so far but my favourites are chocolate and chicken. I am not too keen to try caramel or mushroom.


I don't have anything to eat all day, and then save everything up to have in the evening - it seems to work for me, as that way I always have something to look forward to.
I start my evening meal with a soup (any variety), followed by a soup mixed with a little water and PLENTY OF TABASCO SAUCE - popped in the microwave (poppadum). I then have a coffee with my bar (always Lemon/Toffee) followed by a shake mixed with a little water to make a mousse. After that, I am satisfied!!
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OMG Sally that's mad!!! But i like it! What time does your meal start? And do you find it hard to stick abstain totally during the day??


Hi Karen,
I don't find it hard anymore to abstain during the day, as I keep myself busy, (I am usually at work) although I do end up working through my lunch break! I am so used to it now, it really doesn't bother me.
I usually start my evening binge around 6-7 p.m., and if I space it out, it lasts all evening. I sometimes feel sorry for my partner as we start eating our evening meals at the same time, and his is over in no time, whereas I carry on eating.
It definitely works for me!


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I am a bit like you in that I tend to have all my packs in the evening. For the following reasons:
1. I'm usually busy during the day - my job involves a fair bit of travelling around and making the packs on the road is no fun.
2. I really don't get hungry during the day but have loads of water, black tea and coffee.
3. I consciously have tried to break the "eat coz the clock says its lunchtime" cycle.
4. I like to look forward to my evening packs when I can relax.

My routine is usually a hot shake when I get in. Two soups during the course of the evening. A hot shake at bedtime.

I try to limit myself to three bars a week as they make me hungry and use those if I have any business lunches, long days travelling etc.

Favourite flavour? Well I love the peanut bar with a cup of Earl Grey but limit myself on those. Othersise its the vanilla shake made hot with half a teaspoon of the berry water flavours. I cant stand the veg soup or caramel shakes.