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whats your favourite smell

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Petrol??? :9529::yuk::sign0137:Urgh that's horrible-I hate putting petrol in my car simply cos the whole area stinks of the stuff.

I love the smell of cut grass-it, I guess, just reminds me of Summer and it just smells so gorgeous.

I love the smell of flowers (mostly).

I love the smell of Jungle by Kenzo and J'adore by Dior. They just smell so happy.

Everyone thinks this is weird, but I absolutely adore the smell of chlorine. When I used to work at a pool, I would just stand there (obviously watching the swimmers) admiring the smell of the chlorine. Don't know why I like it, though.

I think I have lots of other favourite smells, but can't think what they are at the moment.
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Clinique aromatics perfume - remind me of holidays.
Fish shop - reminds me of how fat I was and will never get in that state again.
Freshly mowed grass - summertime memories.
Newly painted gloss - smell of a nice clean house.
My Husband - reminds me how much I love him.
Exhaust fumes from lorries - reminds me of the local fair coming to town when I was a child.

Millions of others, but I wont bore you all lol.


Carpe diem, baby!
A fave word and smell - petrichor (the smell of first rain on dry ground)

I associate this smell with home, back home in Zimbabwe it would rain for four months of the year (October - January) and then it would be dry...
ooh what a good topic! I like petrol and fresh cut grass too, mmm, roll on summer, i even love the noise of the mower. I also love lavender, verbena and newly washed hair.... i love cinabar perfume, reminds me of my Mam and always make me feel better x
I love the smell of freshly cut grass too

The smell of a newly bathed and talced baby

Walking into a leather goods shop

Petrol makes me feel sick

Love the smell of pasties being cooked

Loads of others too, but hard to pick out the ones top of my list
I love the smell of cut grass. Always reminds me of summer
I love petrol - reminds me of being a little kid :D
And the "charlie black" body spray. Reminds me when i was once skinny :)

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
fresh donuts also reminds me of when i was little when we went the fair!!
cut grass and just struck matches! I used to go through loads just lighting them for that smell! baking bread's a good one too ymmm
freshly cut grass,
the smell you get suring a rain storm
new babys
my husbands spray
OOH as an aromatherapist I love smells, I love Lavender, reminds me of my Nanna's garden.

The smell of fudge cooking reminds me of bonfire night as my Nanna used to make it every year. Yum
The smell of bacon cooking, petrol, new babies!!! Oh and Deep heat gel, reminds me of hunky rugby players YUM!

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