whats your goal for 2010

maxine uk

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so with 2010 just around the corner, whats going to keep you motivated?
im 50 in March so i would love to be in the mid 13 stones
then in about june im taking part in the RFL (number 5 and im not going to be woddling round this time ;)) so i would love to be in the 12 stones
and by this time next year im going to be target.:fingerscrossed:
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I'm hoping to keep all the weight off, which has always been my biggest challenge. I've spent all my life yo-yoing and this time I want to keep it off.


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I'm hopin to be at my target weight in 2010. The one on my profile is an interim target...think I'll change it now actually!

I think I'm going to follow in your footsteps and sign up for race for life too

Good luck to all! x


I am one of the 63336
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I'm setting myself a target of 4 stone weight loss in 2010. I have around 6-7 to do in total but don't want to push myself too hard.


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I am going to maintain, so that this time next year I am still at target.


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I would like to be at target next year and maintain successfully. Most importantly, have a healthy relationship with food, enjoy everything in moderation and just enjoy life!


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I wanna be five stone lighter!


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I would like to be debt free and fat free.


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I want to achieve my target in 2010. I am going to buy a 12 wk countdown on Monday at WI and would ideally like to achieve this by the end of it but won't beat myself up if I don't as I'm sure it will get harder and slower as I get closer

Also need to get more active with exercise and toning the wobbly bits:D


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S: 16st3lb G: 12st0lb
I wanted to reach my target by my birthday in March, however, due to being made redundant, my priorities have changed. I will of course stick to plan and if I reach target by March then all well and good but I'm concentrating on either finding a job or starting my own business at the moment.

The Punisher

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I want to be at target, which is roughly 2 stone lighter by the time I go to Silverstone for the GP-we're getting the super expensive tickets near the podium so ya know, in case I get caught on camera. Or I catch Jenson's eye... lol

Devon Dolce

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Great post! I'll get to target in 2010 and maintain (aim to do this for my 30th)! And I'm going to sign up to a couple of 5km/10km runs as an incentive for me to get fit and toned too xxx


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I aim to get to target (which I think I may increase - think I was aiming too low and needs to be half a stone more than I said :D!)in the first half of the year and then maintain for the rest of the year. I would also like to do the race for life - I've always been too fat and unfit before :cry:


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I would like be able to stick to the plan and aim to lose a lb a week and to get my busted knee fixed so I can get back to work which would help with my fitness


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My goal is to have a loss every week (I've managed this so fer however I'm doubtful for this Tuesday's WI!!). I want to be 13 stone by my holiday at the beginning of May and at target by this time next year!!