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Whats your goal weight and how far from it are you?

Hi I am new starting tomorrow I want to lose 65 pounds by the 1st May do you think it is possible. I need to lose approximately 88 pounds but know it will take a lot longer than May to achieve this
My goal weight is 155 lbs. I've lost 23 lbs in 5 weeks, have 51 lbs more to lose. So by april, by Easter I really want to lose nearly 50 lbs total.


Size 14 here i come!
Would love to be 11.7 and i have 14lbs to go, should be there soon i hope! Although weekend away could set me back a little, it will be sooo worth it!
Aiming for 10st 10lbs - 51lbs to go by May 17th. WHOOP! I may in all honesty get to around 11st and think that's enough, but I am setting my sights on a reasonable and maintainable weight.


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
my goal is 10st 10lbs but am looking to hover around the 11st mark. thought that if i could go 4lbs under what i want to be that will compensate slightly for what you inevitable put on when you go back to eating fully! but am gonna see how i feel - it's move about being able to wear what i like and feel good than the numbers for me :) got about 70lbs to go but haven't cheated once yet so hoping it will go quickly and my will power will stay strong! :)
I want to loose 70lbs, ive lost 26lbs in 5 weeks, i would like to loose another 2 stone by the 30th april
my goal weight is around 9 st 7lb my original goal was 10st which I got to within 2 lbs of last year I then changed it to 9 st 7lbs, and due to holidays and christmas etc I gradually crept back up to 11 stone :cry:
so now I'm 22lbs off
My goal is just sooooo far away yet - was 18st 0.5lb at my weigh in on Monday and my first goal is to get to 10st ---- so I'm currently trudging up the mountain but hey I'll soon be flying downhill :)
According to the fit police i should be 13 stone (yeah right!) but i would be happy at 18 and see from there, but thats 12 stone away.....gulp:cry:
my goal weight is 9 stone 7, i am currently 12 stone 8, another 3 stone to go - hopefully by my birthday in may i will be there and can spoil myself with a whole new collection in my wardrobe, good luck everyone with your goals - we can all do this xx


please try again
goal 126lb ish so still got 130 odd lb to go

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