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What's your most embarrassing moment as a 'weighty' person....


Slow but sure....
Mine was in 2003.....I flew for the first time and I was so excited and looking forward to my first holiday abroad (I'd never left the UK until then).

So there I was sitting in my seat and the flight attendant is doing his talk about seat belts, exit doors etc....and he suddenly looks at me and says "You will need a seat belt extender, I'll just get one for you"....... :eek:

I was mortified and so embarassed, :eek: it took the shine of my first flight, but did I learn my lesson....NO!!! I should have joined SW in 2003.

What's your embarassing moment.....
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I never had a particular moment but for me it was the way people looked at me (esp my mother!!) - it was almost a look of pity.
Don't get that any more and I love it!
Aw you poor things :(

We was at the beach and my mum was bragging to someone that her daughter (my younger sister) was heavily pregnant, the woman my mum was talking to turned to me and said 'I can see that, congratulations'.....Thats when I decided to join SW lol.


Slow but sure....
Oh yes Jaylou, the looks I get can be quite de-moralising, I try to keep my head up but at 4' 11" it is difficult, I am constantly crying on the inside.....I am so glad that I found SW.
There are so many that I couldnt pick just one.... I have been gaining weight since I was 9. Can you imagine all the way through school etc.
A few would be :- standing against a wall one day using my mobile and this car full of teenage boys went past and shouted out... watch that wall doesnt fall down....
or.. in a pub one night with my mates and this drunk man came over and said that I should be 'put down'....
Ack, too many of those to mention.... making myself depressed now. lol


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I always think you never know people circumstances, medical conditions etc and I know, having been big, that we all just need that "I need to lose weight" trigger and that probably they haven't had theirs yet - that's why I don't think anyone has the right to make snide comments!

Gets off soap box now.....


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went into a shop once to buy some thights the woman asked me what size and i said jokingly the bigger the beter she turned round and and said never mind it will be over soon, what will , the baby will be here soon you are pregnant arnt you lol no i said she didnt know where to look i think she was more botherd than me lol think befor you speak he he


Slow but sure....
I helped out at my friends playgroup a few times and I really enjoyed it too, but one of the 4 years old's said to me one day that her mommy had said "What a big fat pig I was"......her mother was the original 'posh' spice, skinny ribs and everything...I was very upset by this and didn't help out again although my friend tried to change my mind.

It just shows that there are always 'little ears' listening to what you are saying.


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Oh dear, I can see this thread is going to make us all depressed remembering such awful things!! Perhaps we should start a happy thread!!!

I'm still struggling with the fact that some people are sooooooo cruel!


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Lots can happen to us - I used to cut labels out of my clothes as the sizes crept up, I used to not have my pic taken or hide behind my daughter, I used to avoid eating "bad" things in public, eat a salad and then trough chocolate in private - all these things and I never found SW!!

It takes one thing.... thank goodness we all found it, I salute us all!
i got offered a seat on the tube i took it but still went bright red that i looked so pregnant when i was just fat
MY embarassing moments are

On holiday with slim sister- she was having a massage , I was in pool waiting and the woman doing massage said to me - If I didnt eat so much food I would be like my sister- slim !!!

Later on in the week 2 egyptian waiters told us not to eat the ice-cream we was eating at the time - cos we will get fat - they then burst into laughter and said I allready was !
on the plane I couldnt get the tray down all the way because of my belly I had to hold my plate -wasn't easy !!
All my brothers call me names - Tubsy, Fatty,chuba lips etc
The other day my mum said if I got on a pair of scales they would go 'TWANG' !
Whilst at work , I wouldn't serve a lad some fags so he called me fatso, fatty... that hurt
oh and where I used to work , my nickname was ........SLIM !!

These are just a few things that I have been called
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I will succeed!!!
When I graduated from uni at 21 (and up until I was 24) I was a steady size 8 and a regular gym goer. In 12 months I gained 3 stone and went to a 12-14 - had to have some treatment that made me gain the weight and feel tired a lot (so I lost all my motivation etc). Not only did my dress size go up, my boobs went from a B cup to DD!!!

I went to the city I studied in for a little reunion. One lad said 'thought you'd had a boob job 'til I saw you were chunking it up'. I tried to laugh it off but he kept on at me, so I explained that I'd been having the meds. He was all 'yeah yeah whatever'. What annoyed me the most was that when I was at uni - HE was the one always calling me 'skinny' - clearly he's just a mean git.

A few more comments over the months from people who hadn't seen me got me down, and I started comfort eating - I was off the meds by then but the weight wasn't shifting because I'd developed bad habits.

I made a start to getting back to feeling like me again but was finding it hard. My OH proposed to me 2 months ago and it gave me the motivation to gear it up some...so here I am :)

And the few mean comments - yeah they hurt me at the time - but I can lose weight. They will always be cruel.

Sorry to hear others have had some horrid times too - hugs x
1) At a party I walked past a work colleagues hubby on way to the loo, he was drunk. As I walked aross the room he said 'mind you don't break the floorboards'.
2) When we were renovating our house we were waiting for sofa to be delivered and using garden lounger chairs........you guessed it, it broke:(

Numerous other examples, too many to list really...............
BUT, whether we did something about our weight at the time is irrelevant.......we are doing something now, and thats what matters eh?
I was in mothercare shopping for my daughters clothes and a photographer asked me if I would like to take a coupon to have my baby photographed when he/she was born ( I wasnt pregant and my daughter was 3 so no excuse there for a baby tummy)

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