whats your motivation?


I love choccy
I look at this pic and think 2 things.. how happy I was as I had lost 77lbs and how sad I am now that I have put more than that back on and can not find a pic of me from the shoulders down!

So... my motivation is to get back to the weight I was then... and possibly a bit less too! Then when Im in Florida I wont look like shamoo the whale!

Whats your motivation??

(ps - I know.. lovely socks lol!)

Wow you look fab there and so pretty. What fantastic motivation for you to get back there.

I got a photo of me done at See Yourself Slimmer - that is my motivation, I don't have any photos at all of me slim and had no idea what I would look like so decided to get it done.

My other motivation is I want to buy a size 14 outfit from per una for a women in business lunch I am going to in October. It is a big event with loads of celebrities and stuff so am quite excited about it but want to buy a knock out suit for it!
My motivation from the very beginning was to be able to spend more time with my kids - playing, running, being there for them instead of sleeping off a carb induced coma!! :rolleyes:

I want to see them grow up, get married and have kids of their own, and the way I was that wasn't gonna happen.

I think that's why I have kept going even when things have been absolutely awful - I am doing this for me and my girls :D
I'm 35 now and have been a size 22/24 for as long as i can remember.

I lost 4 stone on Atkins and got down to a size 16 (this was last August) and have since put 3 1/2 stone back on. So I'm now a size 20/22 (slightly smaller)

I want to be able to go back into every shop and be able to buy something rather than having to go to Evans and the like.

I had a fall a few years ago (alcohol inflicted) and damaged my knee and am finding that I have more problems with it and my lower back when I'm bigger.

I just want to be 'normal' and not always be the bigges of my friends (majority are a size 10).

I've oly done my 1st week and won't be weighed officially until next saturday but i've done ok so far, I've had a weeks worth of headaches (constant) but I've got through it and am feeling better now.


Good luck to you, you can do it too.

Mine was to regain the lifestyle I had 12-13 years ago when I was thin and that slipped away without me noticing as the weight piled on :(

Now it is to get the bottom half of my body to be in proportion with the top half :)
its great to hear your motivation for losing weight! I think that healthy feeling is a big motivational thing too, cos you have more energy and more confidence... I love being able to walk up the stairs without the feeling that I need to stop and catch my breath for 10 minutes afterwards! Well... I did love that feeling - hopefully I will start to lose the weight again soon and I will RUN up them stairs instead of walking!
hi SquashedFroggy,:D

You will be "fit for Florida 2008".:) :) :)

Thank you so much for posting your picture and being so honest about yourself. It can't have been easy.

Came back to say,

Such a pretty girl!!!!! :)
:p aww, thanks Lacey... making me blush! Just wish I had a fit bod and was as pretty as my sis... the pretty thing wont happen but at least I can lose a bit of weight.. I hope!
Hi Squashed Froggy,

I agree with Lacey you are very pretty:) You could lose a lot of weight between now and next May, it is a good time of year to get a handle on it now.

My reasons for losing weight is that my body was about to cave in and I saw my furture in my Auntie, she has diabetes and is not able to get about very well and in a photo of the two of us I was the biggest!!!

Also my doctor told me to do it now as it only gets more difficult to lose the weight as time goes on and that I was still in good health but that could change very quickly.

She shared with me that she also had a weight problem and I just looked as this skinny beautiful young woman in front of me and I went yeah right! She said she had gone up to over 13 stone and that she joined WW and got it off and is now a Gold member...She encouraged me to try it again and I did.

At the end of the day your health is your wealth for without it life is very limited.

Love Mini xxx

I definitely think you're very pretty. Great cheekbones & pretty eyes. I read somewhere on here that you were having trouble getting through a whole day. How are you doing now?

Love xxx

I definitely think you're very pretty. Great cheekbones & pretty eyes. I read somewhere on here that you were having trouble getting through a whole day. How are you doing now?

Love xxx

I have found it easier today - but I think that is because I am at work - so I know the routine of when I can and cant eat... its the dreaded 5.30pm nibbles I get as soon as I walk through the door at home that I find hard - or I have been good all day I get weak and I always give in to that tummy rumble - its so hard not to. I know losing weight should be priority - but those little grumbles keep calling me to eat! :( but I have started to ignore them - or quash them with litres of water! :p
Hiya SF

I can totally relate to what you are saying about the 5:30 nibbles altho mine are more 7:30 or later nibbles!!! but i'm on day 1 of my restart today and am just having my 2nd pack and feeling ok now. i know this evening is going to be my hard time but i'm willing to give it my best shot!

i really hope the 5:30 nibbles don't get to ya and you are strong like a bull!!!

have you got weighed yet?? its amazing what getting weighed can do for your motivation!!!

Gen xx
Hi Gen!

Good luck! Its always the night time thats the worst isnt it!?!

I havent weighed yet - I hope that the weigh in will keep me motivated, jsut got to switch my WW thinking off, cos after every weigh in I used to eat all the stuff I shouldnt have done that week in 1 night!

Have your got the jelly powder in case you get the nibbles tonight?

Jo x
Hiya SF

I have never made the Jelly, keep meaning to but never did!!! Must get around to it but have to say once i get focused there is just no stopping me so I have to focus on being focused ha ha

Just on the motivation after your weigh in... I started on a sunday and got weighed, thank god, on the next wednesday and had lost 9lb in 4 days!!! the reason i say thank god is because i had friends staying with me from that wednesday night until the following tuesday morning and i had just done the shopping and had kinda decided that i would 'start again' when they went!!! well after seeing the 9lb loss there wasn't a hope in hell girl that i was jeopardising (SP??) that so didn't eat or drink all weekend and was chuffed with myself!! I went on to lose 4lb short of 4 stone since 9th April... had a couple of holiday weeks and was messing a bit hence my restart but i'm determined!!

just keep in mind whats the point in all the hard work just to have a meal, I would have been exactly the same doing WW, straight after WI, but its just soooo not worth it!!

good luck for your weigh in, i'm dying to hear how you get on!!

Gen xx