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Whats your plan?

Whats your plan of action??

Im doing slim and save solely for as long as possible, I think I will then do 2 shakes a day and a WW meal or a salad etc for an evening meal for a couple of weeks then Ill go back on WW when I get to 9st, I will lose the last pound or two and hopefully use it to maintain.
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i am doing 4 products s & s with some cd i have left until 21st sept when i go away for 5 days........ whilst away i will just try and be careful not taking any products with me :)

Then back on its until i get to bmi of 25......then 3 products and a small protien meal with veg and 340 skimmed milk... like cd step 2 810kcals......... then work up to a 1500kcal and

then i will try to maintain calorie counting :)


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I'm taking a short break in about 3 weeks when we have friends to visit and I'm going to try to eat sensibly (but alcohol will be involved!). Then I'll be back on 3 a day until Christmas when I will take a couple of weeks off and then get back on track to lose the rest in the new year. I know that I can lose it all, as I proved that last time I followed a VLCD, it was managing to keep it off that was the issue. That's when it becomes hard for me, but I hope to learn to eat a bit more sensibly this time around, and as I've found this diet so much easier than when I did LT before maybe I could do a couple of weeks or so of this if my weight starts to creep. The LT shakes had such bad associations that I just couldn't contemplate going back on them, but actually these aren't too bad.

When I'm eating 'normally' again, during the week I will try to have something like a bar or a shake for breakfast, salad or soup for lunch and a sensible meal in the evening and much less alcohol than before. I will allow myself more treats at weekends but hopefully being good during the week will offset that. That's the plan anyway!
im not getting too excited about the long term as it seems so far away but im thinking that I will look at slimming world once at goal weight as i like the flexibility of it, and if my weight slips a little would switch back to vlcd for a few weeks to get it back in line before back to SW i dont think maintaining my weight without a diet will ever be an option as I gain weight far to easily x

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