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whats your Wii fit age?


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Following an earlier thread about the long awaited wii fit i though it would be interesting to see what wour wii age is against your real age, and you reaction to that!

My real age is 38......wii fit age is 39.......very suprise but pleased

my mum of 63..........wii fit age of 75.......correct, not the most mobile/active of people....all she can do to move some days!!!!

my daughter of 13....wii fit age of 33....gobsmacked as she is very fit generally, does gym 4 times a week, trampolining 3 times a week and all other teenage stuff too!!!

my son of 8.............wii fit age of 21....strange but was impressed with what he could do better than us when i didnt think he could

Will be exciting to see how this age changes week by week.

Will add hubby tomorrow

So whats your wiifit age?

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mm...im only 22 and soo sad but havent even got a wii!!! thinking of getting one just to get this is it that good? I have a ds lite which is kinda a bit boring now!!
I tried for the first time last night. My real age is 28, Wii fit age is.... 31!! Very pleased with only a +3!
Bought mine yesterday and just had my first go on it (I'm more Wii knackered than Wii Fit) - anyway my real age is 39 and my Wii Fit age is 43 so I was quite pleased with that.

Got to admit that I did laugh at my Mii when she put more and more weight on as my bmi was being worked out --- looking forward to seeing her get slimmer ;)
wii fit age 32 actual age 34 yeah!!! was dreading it, my youngest daughter proceded to tell everyone playing in the weight bit my mams in the top one (obese) could have killed her!!
Jealous, jealous, jealous! I have ordered my Wii Fit to get a good price and it hasn't arrived yet.
You'll love it when you get it - I can't believe I've never been to a Step class, I'm loving it on the Wii, great fun.
A Nintendo Wii, it's a games console but you don't just sit and press buttons you interact and move about - great :)
Well I now don't like my hubby - his real age is 38 and his wii age is 37 ----- horrid man :cry:
Yep that's the one, it comes with a disc on which you can play tennis, golf, bowling, baseball and boxing.

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