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Wheat = bloating?


If anyone can advise on this please?
I noticed tonight that after eating a bowl of pasta not 40 mins later I was massively bloated (my trousers were loose they are now too tight). So I was wondering would wheat cause bloating that quickly or could I have inhaled my food (as I tend to). I noticed when I did slimming world I lost weight well in the beginging as I was not eating bread. I know I should be able to figure this out but I rarely take note of what I eat just that I am bloated a lot of the time ( I thought it was water!)

What should I do to see if the pasta and bread is the cause?
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Keeping a food diary will help you identify what foods that are the cause...

Wheat is a very common one that can cause bloating...flour causes gas as it is broken down in the large intestine.

Also watch your salt intake as too much salt can make you retain a lot of water.

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Bread & pasta don't agree with me at all. I only noticed how much after being on a restricted diet for a while and re-introducing it afterwards. I could gain 2-3lbs overnight!
I agree with Irish mum - flour is very bloating for a lot of people. I try to avoid flour now most of the time. I feel a lot better for it!


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I stpped having bread altogether and the weight loss was fine..As soon as I introduced it again it slowed and I have gained more than I would have liked..Because its winter and getting colder your body (well mine does!!) craved stodge....I really want toast or a sarnie where I really wasn't bothered before,....
I have to keep the bread in check....I keep the whole loaf in the freezer so the temptation is not there just to have some..You have to physically take it out for something specific....and if you just want to pick its no good...

Pasta I find also makes me bloated...I wonder what the gluten free pasta tastes like? Would that make a difference? maybe worth a try
The way i think of it is, Bread is similar to a sponge, you put a sponge in water and it expands, much like bread etc would do in your body. Having Bread is fine, i limit myself to 4 slices a day of the wholemeal nimble bread range, about 45 calories each slice and its no way near as heavy as a generic slice of white or brown bread. Pasta i rarely, and if i do its at lunch time before a gym session so I know i've got a bit of time to work it off but use the short term energy it gives.


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Not having eaten any bread for a month I cracked and had two dry bread rolls on Saturday - within hours my stomach felt heavy and with pains in my back - next time if I'm going to suffer it might as well be for something like brioche or a croissant!
i have had to cut out white bread completely - i would look 3 months pregnant. I'm now on burgen's soya and linseed bread. Told the gp and he just said bread can do that. It would have been nicer if he could have found out if i was intolerant to any foods etc. Whenever I do touch white bread such as when have to have that slice of pizza, I know straight away it was a bad idea. Sound like white breads a problem for a lot of us

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