When can I start having flapjacks ?


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When you're desperate enough to try it! lol
Sorry didn't mean that..... Go for it anytime, try away!!


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Hey hun, i actually hated the flapjacks at the start, but after a few weeks in, i really enjoyed them! (think we ger used to the vits and minerals in them). You can have them at any time hun- but please remember only one a day or it could potentially bugger up your weightloss. Best of luck x


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Hey there, I would advise you to start by getting a couple of them only just to try them out. Last time I went to the pharmacist, I was like 'Oh and give me 7 flapjacks for my lunches'.

Dear God, I managed to eat one only (and nearly with tears running down my face) and had to bring the remaining ones to the pharmacist to swap them with shakes.

Good luck with them. Then again, everyone is different and you might tolerate them.


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personally I would wait until getting past week one for the flapjacks!

I found with exante in the first week the bars made me want to eat (but that is just me)

I personally think its best to get yourself all set in ketosis and have had your first weigh in to really spur you on to keep going!! xx


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Thanks for replies, I might give it another week then just to really get in the swing of things before I buy a flapjack or two to try for lunches.


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i was asked today if i wanted any (starting tomorrow)but 3 years ago when i was on LT i only had 1/2 could not stomache any more.it was like eating cardboard.
not that ive tried cardboard but you know what i mean lol


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i was thinking of trying the flapjack as i heard if you mix half with half a warm vinilla pack it will make a nice porridge breki.


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I bizarrely quite like the chicken soup lol, but it's early days ;) I have it for dinner each night.

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You can start them anytime. I had them the second week and did not like them at all. Some weeks later, I tried them again and found them more tolerable then. Guess our taste buds change over the weeks.


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Pharmacy will only allow flapjacks from week 2, my opinion is to only have them every now and again (almost as a 'treat') to wean yourself off the 'needing to chew' thing


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My pharmacy allows them from day1.

They are certainly an aquired taste but serve a purpose when you cant make up shakes for any reason!