When did you go on the maintenance program?


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I currently have a BMI of 27, Im wondering if I should start maintenance when I hit 25. Ideally I would love to get to a BMI of 20-21, but I am so at the stage now that I just want to start eating, and losing weight that way. The thing is, Im worried that I wont lose the weight that way, so Im asking for feedback. Did anyone start maintenance at a BMI 25 and lose weight gradually to a goal BMI? etc etc.

Thank you so much, this is the part of the journey Im finding hard now, so close, but seems so far!

If you were under me then I would recommend you go onto 790 and continue the journey on that to lose the next little bit.

You are clearly at the stage where you want to start eating and 790 is a nice way to have an evening meal but also continue to lose a lot of weight.

Therefore I would talk to your CDC about moving onto 790 and hovering.

Hi Leighann

They now say you shouldn't do SS or 790 with a BMI of 25 or below. So you should normally start AAM at 27 or 26 for one week then 790 for one week depending on the person in question. Then you gradually go through the various steps - 1000, 1200, 1500 - continuing to lose weight as you stabilise. Not sure what applies to LL.

Hope that helps ;)
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I started 790 at BMI 29, and am losing weight on it. My CDC is now recommending I lose my final 13lbs on 1000 cals. It will be slower, but I don't mind. This is where I have always "failed" in the past - and put all the weight back on again. I'm NOT going to do that this time.

Thanks for your replies. If I go on AAM, then up the steps of maintenace around BMI of 25, how much weight can I loose through this period? Im worried that if I do the maintenance that I wont get down to a BMI of 20-21. Ive been on CD since Jan 11, and Ive lost 10st 5 pds so far and by the time I hit a BMI of 25 I would of lost 11st 3. In the last 5 weeks my weight loss has slowed down considerably, from 4.5 lbs a week to 2 lbs a week doing SS. I am planning to start an exercise program on Monday, as I want to start exercising now before I begin to add food. Im just really ready to eat, and I want to be able to enjoy Xmas (I know that sounds daft, but its been a long time for me without food). I guess that Im a little down hearted that my weight loss has slowed, although I knew this would happen. Im also very worried that I wont get down to my goal BMI if I add food, but if I stay on SS until close to my goal BMI I wont be having food until the end of Dec, and that frustrates me!!! Its a catch 22 I feel, I hope that this makes sense.

Im so confuzzed on what to do!!! Aaaaggggggggggggh


First of all, congratulations on your AMAZING weight loss! Over ten stone just in this year is simply incredible. You must feel like a completely different woman. :)

I wouldn't worry too much about your weight loss slowing down. AAM or 790 might just be what your metabolism needs for a kick start, especially if you're going to begin stepping up the exercise too. Pretty much all of my clients have a good weight loss (virtually the same as ss) when on AAM or 790.

Good luck with whatever you decide. :)

Jo x

I think that I will think seriously long and hard about this, and talk about it with my CDC, I just have those fat girl fears I guess!!!

If anyone can give me their story on how much weight they lost through maintenance, Id greatly appreciate it.