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When did you start to need smaller clothes?


I will be a Princess!
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Sorry, that title sounds very confusing!

I've lost 1.5 stone, and as yet I haven't noticed that my clothes are any looser. I can visibly see that my waist is smaller, but I haven't gone down a dress size.

I'm very happy that I'm losing weight, as it's helping with my blood pressure, but it would also be nice to start seeing a difference in terms of clothes. I was just wondeirng how much weight people had lost before they first started notcing that they needed a smaller size?

Sian xxx
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Thank Goodness I'm not the only one!I've lost about the same as you and haven't dropped a size yet. I was starting to wonder if I was a freak!lol


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It's taken me 2 stone to go down from a tight 16 to a well fitted 14.


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I've lost almost 2 and a half stone and have had to have a mass clear out of my clothes in the last couple of weeks as it was really starting to hang off me (especially tops). I was a size 28 on the bottom and 26 on the top pre SW and now can wear 22 bottoms (24 jeans) and size 20 - 22 tops. It seemed to happen all of a sudden. Although when I look in the mirror now I don't see myself any differently, I can tell myself not to be so stupid because i must look smaller if all my clothes are smaller!!!
Give it time...it will happen sooner rather than later I expect! And be prepared...it will end up costing you a fortune!!!


I will be a Princess!
S: 18st2.5lb C: 18st2.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done on getting into your 14s though hun :) I'm thinking to myself that I have probably been squeezing myself into the wrong size clothes for a long time :eek: And well done to Allie and Mel on your shrinking waistlines! xxx


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Know that feeling too well love, baggy jeans it is. Belts at your ready girls!
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I think i'm stuck in the middle. my 16's were tight (reason to start sw did not want to buy bigger clothes) now they feel baggy but can't wear 14's way to tight just have to wait a few more weeks and try again.


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It was about two stone, but I had noticed my bigger clothes getting smaller before then - I was still wearing my old size 24 trousers until I spilled paint on them, then I tried on & got into an old pair of 18s!


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To be honest it's probably a good job that I don't need new clothes yet - I'm skint as a mint, lol! :D xxx

Now that is the ultimate in positive thinking. I love it.

I have lost just over 2 stones and have dropped a size and that is loose on me. I am buying all my clothes in charity shops for a few euros and as I drop another size they can go back to be resold.

I found a lovely Debenhams, strappy, long summer dress for just 3€ the other day. It is like brand new, also found some matching sandals for 1€. My feet are getting smaller too.

I have promised myself when I get to target I am going to have a new outfit from my favourite shop, El Corte Ingles.

I was so fed up when I first started to lose as I wasn't in smaller clothes. It seemed to happen overnight.
I aways made sure my clothes weren't tight-my pet hate is being able to see my fat rolls-not pretty so I always buy things loose.Other problem is my huge boobs.Dont know what my feet look like!If it fits my chest its huge everywhere else so I cant make the excuse I ws squeezing into anything.


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I found that my shape had to kind of "catch up" with my weight loss and all of a sudden I had dropped a couple of sizes. I still find that my shape is changing (for the better) even though I haven't lost on the scales for almost a year.

Hang in there, as others have said, it will happen suddenly. And you'll probably find your feet shrink too, mine did, which I was not expecting.


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Same here - I'm hoping to get my 1 stone sticker at weigh in today, and still haven't noticed any difference at all. It seems from you all that it happens at around the 2 stone mark.

It's interesting that the leap from a size 10 to a size 16 is around 3 stone for me anyway - I'm quite small at 5'2 with small frame and all my blub is around belly and boobs. Not good healthwise as it's said this is a dangerous area for it all to lay (heartwise).

I spotted the clothes swap thread earlier and if I do manage to drop - I think I'll try and put some things on there - nice dresses etc that I have hardly worn because I've hated going anywhere for the past couple of years because of weight gain. Basically lived in M&S elastic waisted black trousers (I have 5 pairs) and assortment of baggy tops.

I want to shop in Jigsaw again - used to love their stuff, but haven't even crossed the threashold in years.


Slimming for my children
hey hun i have lost about same as you. I started at 18stone 13 and am now 17.4 (hopefully less at wi tonight). I have 4 more lbs till my 10% and 6 for my 2 stone. but yet i have no clothes and still in my maternity clothes. I really want to be 16 something!

Have you thought about looking at photos from befor and now?
I know thats inspired me i can post mine if you like?


synful soul
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
FEET SHRINK!!!!:eek: no thanks Leapfrog I'll topple over and start to :banana dancer::banana dancer:bounce on my balloons!!I'd never find my feet then.:dooney:

I was chuffed as little mint balls today. For the first time the first three pairs of trousers I tried on looked like baggy pants and I could not wear them. Like Claireybella I resorted to a pair of my before very fat ones.

I am still big, but walked around the shops like a sylph like slip of a thing:8855:
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Feet shrinkage, tell me about it! I LOVE shoes, to the point that it's ridiculous! But, my sandals from last summer are all too big! My hubby bought me a new pair of Birkenstocks for my birthday and had to get them 2 sizes smaller than my old ones! Wtf? I've not been a size 5 since I was 16!! Ha ha!!

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