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When diets go wrong - BBC3 now


oh my poor gallbladder!

Oh no weightwatchers!

I like how when CD goes wrong its the DIET but developing anorexia, just a tragic confluence of events with one person.

etc etc


Mad as a Hatter
I just caught the end of this last night about the lady in America having backouts since Gastric surgery and then the young man with the excess skin...
urghhh...felt so sorry for him having to tuck it into his underpants


can see the end in sight!
oooo going to look for it on iplayer!


They were walking about VLCD and making up what looked suspicously like a veg soup. Woman developed gall stones, (because Tilly as we know gallstones only happen on VLCD's)

Try and get it on Iplayer if you can or have a look on BBC3 as they repeat quite a lot on there anyway.
It talked about a "meal replacement" diet/VLCD it didn't actually state the name of it.

I didn't recognise the sachets though so I don't think it was CD.


my mum say childbirth was a doddle and she's had worse constipation.

When its a programme called "diets go wrong" its hardly going to be objective is it?


Gone fishing
The VLCD that was being used was LL I believe..not that it makes any difference :D

I had gallstones on CD, but then the other people on the ward, when I had them out, also had gallstones, and had never done a VLCD in their lives.

The consultant was very happy for me to continue with CD after an attack (before the op) as it was low fat. Thank goodness for that, otherwise I'd still be trying to get down to goal!!!!

I guess the entertainment value is on when things go wrong. We have You've been Framed etc, and other disasters.

Life is a risk. Don't decorate..you may fall off the step ladder..and sure enough someone is bound to be filming to for another 'gone wrong' programme :D

When Diets Go Right? Well, guess we see them all the time. I should imagine that there are many 'celebrities' that are dieting and it's going just fine.

I was thrilled that they put a WW dieter in there. Showed that they weren't just picking on what is considered a fad diet.

As for the Atkins girl. That was a shame, because it did seem to reinforce much of what people believe about Atkins ie no veg, which is far from the truth :(


Recovering Foodaholic
I've just watched this on Iplayer and it has just wound me up to be honest. Obviously from the title it was bound to be non-objective. Also, it's fab that Mikayla Dodd lost all her weight through healthy eating and exercise- congratulations to her, but I was left feeling that because I had chosen a 'quick faddy diet' I was taking the easy option and therefore copping out- and we all know that this is not the case.

Anyway, I only have to come here to know I have made the right choice for me, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Luckily I'm a bit of a rebel, so when I come across something or someone seemingly self-righteous as that, I like to dig my heels in! See you when I'm 9 stone!
Programme was annoying. Presenter's language was so biased and specualtive. The Atkins thing annoyed me too cos you are allowed fruit and veg and after a few days you only eat regular amounts of protein anyway, so it was engineered to make diets look bad. Good on presenter doing what's she's done but I've tried all my life to do that and have failed so her way isn't everyone's solution either.
I freaked out about this and had to turn over!! Apparently gall stones are more painful than childbirth... :-s arrr..... x

I watched this last night...and i kinda knew it was going to be very speculative and annoying. and sure enough, i felt i wasted a good 45 minutes of my life on it.

And i agree with you all, it's very "media-hyped" to get you scared and really, it's just something to fill air-time.

As for gallstones/gallbladder...
I'm 33 now. But when i was 24/25, i was in yet another attempt at WW and maybe only losing like a lb a week. I remember waking with horrible bloaty/servere belly pains. after suffering 24 hours of what i thought was wind, turns out i was admitted into hospital for emergency gallbladder removal. the stones and the gallbladder was sooo huge, it had to be cut into little pieces to be taken out..
omg tmi. sorry, breakfast eaters! :jelous:

the doctor admitting me into surgery did say it was very out of character for someone so young to experience this. and that the norm was the "3 F's"...
Fat. Female. 40's.

My point is, it's NOT because of the VL that causes gallstones. The surgeon said it was very common for those who spend years yo-yo dieting...no matter the diet.

Grrr. that program is still irritating me, just thinking about it now. hehehe

As for the pain...i've had 2 babies since then. And since they were both c-section, i can't compare it to childbirth/labour pains. But i can say, NOTHING relieved me of the pain completely. The only soothing was when i layed in a hot bath. And even in the ER, they hooked me up to a morphine i.v. drip and i was still uncomfortable. very uncomfortable.

anyways, i'm sure that program irritated most of the country who are in the know. But at the same time, the inexperienced or the gullible are probably freaking out about it now. oh well. what can ya do eh?
ok, i think my shift key is still on the fritz (not showing all the keys i type while using shift key)...so ignore all my typos...and fill in where necessary. please. :sigh:
Well as everyone knows the only way too lose weight is "healthy diet and exercise" yeah right like people stick too that. That scottish doctor seemed pretty sure that if you lose it fast in her words "you will put it all back on and more" like shes ever been overweight in her life. Surely to lose weight is to lose weight regardless of your choice.
Occasional problems are inevitable and in fairness those of us whove been overweight are more likely to have underlying issues we didnt know about till dieting.
I for 1 have got a problem with my liver which I didnt know about till I started this diet and had a lot of pain at the start, I could easilly of blamed the diet but as the doctor told me, losing weight would help a lot which it did.
Think youve gotta take these programs with a pinch of salt, they make good viewing as everyone loves too see others missfortunes, gives a sick sense of satisfaction seeing those less fortunate.
I had gall stones aged 21 and had my g/bladder removed ive had 2 kids and i'd go through 100 births than have that pain again, seriously

Nothing like it.

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