When do people start to notice your loss?

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  1. Alderney

    Alderney Full Member

    When has your weight loss been noticed for the first time?

    I have lost 27lbs and thought by now people might be saying "have you lost weight" but they aren't and I'm a bit dissapointed I must say!

    Only people who know I'm following this plan are amazed at what I've lost and say they can see a difference but I just wondered when other people have had the nice comments and how much they had lost?

    Please let me know! Thanks x
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  3. batlo8

    batlo8 Full Member

    How much do you actually have to lose hun? X
  4. Alderney

    Alderney Full Member

    Too Much!! Ha Ha

    Seriously about 6 stone ... am I asking to much then for people to notice it already? Guess I will just have to keep plodding on. x
  5. batlo8

    batlo8 Full Member

    I have about the same to lose! Well i know last time i did it people noticed at around the 2 stone mark. The more you have to lose the longer it takes to show unfortunately! But Im sure people will comment soon :) also i was amazed at the amount of people who didnt comment at all and when i mentioned it they were like 'i did notice but thought you might be embarrassed if i said something'... Erm heck no you compliment away! Lol x
  6. Alderney

    Alderney Full Member

    Yeah, looking at your weight you are about the same as me. What plan are you doing? I'm on SS.

    My Mum keeps calling me skinny which is getting a bit boring as I'm certainly NOT skinny yet .... just give me another 5 months! I think she feels like she's got to keep commenting because she knows how hard I'm trying having been fat since I was about 11.

    Oh well, maybe next week will be the "magical week" I will post it on here and be walking 10 feet tall. Blimey if I were 10 feet tall I'd be underweight! LOL x
  7. batlo8

    batlo8 Full Member

    Well Im not starting til tomorrow but ill be doing SS. Previously i did Lipotrim which is pretty much the same as SS.

    Ooh yeah maybe we should just stretch ourselves.... Problem solved! Lol!

    Oh god bless mothers eh? I've always been a chubster too! How old are you if you don't mind me asking? X
  8. Alderney

    Alderney Full Member

    43 - so this has got to be the very last time I lose weight, my body is complaining and it needs to be fitter!!!
  9. batlo8

    batlo8 Full Member

    You can do it! We both can, onwards and downwards! Lol x
  10. Alderney

    Alderney Full Member

    Here Here!!! well good luck for your start tomorrow, hope it goes ok - I've got into it now and all the hunger pangs, achey legs and headaches have gone.

    Keep me posted as to how you are getting on x
  11. batlo8

    batlo8 Full Member

    Will do and you too xx
  12. spangles

    spangles Bouncy Castle

    I started at BMI 47 and it took 3 stone before people who didn't know me well really started commenting. Then I had a week where people were commenting all the time.
  13. MoodyMare

    MoodyMare Member

    Im doing exante but come in here to read posts as its essentially the same!

    I will have done 3 weeks 100% on tuesday and this morning someone told me I have lost a lot of weight!! :D This person doesnt know anything about the diet and i played it down and said yeh ive been so busy working 17hour days, think it must be that!
  14. Alderney

    Alderney Full Member

    Oh well that's good someone has noticed. I also wonder how I'm going to explain 'how' I've lost the weight because there is so much negativity about VLCD's and people who haven't done it don't understand. I think I will just say I've been dieting without actually giving a start date or any info!!! Be really vague but enjoy the comments!
  15. MoodyMare

    MoodyMare Member

    Totally agree! Even though I am overweight I find even if i said ive been doing a healthy eating diet people would tell me not to be silly! never mind telling them I was doing a VLCD!

    Suppose we better start thinking up some good lies as they aint seen nothing yet!! :)
  16. Alderney

    Alderney Full Member

    Perhaps people are just not happy for "us" because they are unhappy with themselves!

    Also, was talking to a friend last night who's lost 7stone 2lb with weight watchers (taken her ages - over a year .... boring!!!) anyway, she said it took ages for people to notice and a lot of her friends didn't say anything at all, ever, they just accepted she'd lost the weight. Almost as if they didn't want to acknowledge she'd done so well.

    How sad, if my friend lost heaps I'd be telling her how lovely she looked all the time, as that's what friends do!!! xx
  17. batlo8

    batlo8 Full Member

    This is so true! Lots of people, particularly women don't like to see other women do well! X
  18. Lose2Win

    Lose2Win True Believer

    I find that people are embarrassed to mention weight loss. It's only if you mention it or someone else does that others would chip in lol.

    It's best to take pics during your journey and you can see all your hard work yourself.

    Best wishes Mel
  19. Alderney

    Alderney Full Member

    That's what i've done, got the before pics and the 2 stone loss pics and there is a difference. Also, because it's winter we are all wrapped up in so many layers, roll on summer and then they will notice!!! Either that or they'd better go to Specsavers tehe!
  20. Fallen

    Fallen Angel in training

    im glad in not the only one, i still have a way to go, but have come so far as well... but nope nobody ever mentions it... im starting ss today (3rd time lucky) and hope somebody notices... good luck anyways x
  21. Mishie089

    Mishie089 Loves to Post

    I found that people started to notice my loss at the two stone mark. I also have around 6 stone to lose so we are all in the same boat together. We can DO IT. :):):)

    Start Weight: 17 st 9 lbs
    Goal Weight: 11st 6 lbs

    Start Date: 05/10/2011
    Target Date: 30/03/2012
    Lose Weight for my Wedding Day!
    WK 1 - Lost 9lbs
    Wk 2 - Lost 5.5 lbs
    Wk 3 - Lost 9lbs
    Wk 4 - Lost 3.8 lbs
    Wk 5 - Lost 4.8 lbs
    Current Weight now 15st 7 lbs
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