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Aaaahhh! Lucky me! I got a downstairs loo put in last year! Thought it would be handy for potty training the kids!!!! LOL!


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The first week you are losing mostly water and the trips to lose does ease off compared to the first week.

I think our bladders must adjust as well to the volume of water!

Love Mini xxx


on the up lol
you could always get a commode ? LOL ;)

nah it does get easyer and less times running for the loo :p
armitage shanks was my best mate for the 1st week but i found into week 2 my loo trips shortened x


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i have been practising what it would be like if i drunk over 2 ltrs of water over the weekend before i start and i am bothered about the loo visits but it if it gets the weight off who cares

rainbow brite

Just checking - how much water is it we're suppose to be drinking per day? In litres? xx


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The other way of looking at it is ...... what else would you be doing??? I have so much time on my hands now! Don't eat, don't cook, weekly shop consists of cat food and litter, and bottled water. 5 mins and its done!!
Think of all the weight your losing running up and down the stairs aswell:D
Rainbow Brite - the minimum you should drink is 2 litres, the max about 6 I think. Weight loss seems to be best if you drink more rather than less. I try to drink around 4 litres a day.

Hope that helps.

Brilliant, thank you muchly :)


Says it as it is!!!
Just checking - how much water is it we're suppose to be drinking per day? In litres? xx
minimum of 2 litres maxiumum of 6 - 7 and more if you exercise hun ...the more you drink the more wieght you will lose...Lt video recommends min 4 pint - max 10 pints plus the water that goes into your shakes xxx

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