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when do you eat


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I mean do you wait until your tummy rumbles or do you eat at roughly the same time each day whether you are hungry or not?
and if you eat either way when do you notice the best weight loss?

I tend to eat brekkie and lunch at the same time because of work, and i work in a school so lunchtime is when the kids have it. but dinner time varies.
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Bit of both really, I have breakfast when I get to work, about 8ish, then lunch when I'm hungry which can be 1100 or 1330! I do have fruit mid morning, more out of habit than hunger.

Tea is when it's ready, which can be 5.30 or 8pm, depending on what we are doing and what we are having to eat.

oh and then I have my syns about 9 with a cup of tea and whatever we are settling down to watch on the TV!


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I have done before. I was out a couple of weeks ago and the day after I probably could have gone the whole day without food, I was really not hungry but I made myself eat about 4 o'clock in the afternoon because I knew it wasnt good for me not to be eating.


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but do you eat when you are not hungry just because you think that you should eat?
No, not really. Probably because, come meal times (ish), I am hungry!

That said, if I haven't had enough fruit for example, usually on a weekend, then I will have a banana and some berries even if I wasn't hungry.

I wouldn't eat a meal if I wasn't hungry, but that's never happened!!


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I tend to eat regular meals and as Jaylou it's very rare that I'm not hungry then. However, on the rare occasion that I am not hungry, I will still eat something small and light. Perhaps a small salad.


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ieat constantly i graze most of the day, as soon as i get to work i have porridge, then i had quavers mid morning then i had a jacket and beans for lunch i just had an orange and when i get in at half four i will have a snack then my tea bout 7.00 lol and that is a slow day am trying to eat little and often as it boosts your metabolism apparently and i always feel hungry even when i have just eaten give it ten minutes i think i have a syndrome or something. even when i am ill dying of tonsillitous i want to eat, stomache bugs i have to force myself to last the 24 hours cause i still want to eat even though i know it makes me sick.my ma said when i was born the nurses couldn believe how much i took in my first few days that carried on all the way up to my twenties , then my metabolism slowed down (bummer!)


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i just had spaghetti bolognaise at work and they used white pasta and my stomach is so sore and swollen now.


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Have some peppermint tea and feel better soon.
This is a life saver for me if I eat the wrong things!! I discovered this only recently whilst on holiday (the coffee was gross so had to drink something!) and now I drink it quite a bit.

It is a lovely drink normally but even better when you have a bit of a dodgy tummy!


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does it honestly work ??

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