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When do you feel happy?


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I'm nearly at 'healthy' weight (wi tomorrow and had 4lbs to go last week)
The problem is I still feel that I look terribly overweight. I'm only 5'5'' and very curvy. My tummy is still very big and I'm thinking.... have I just been losing water and muscle rather than fat.
Did anyone else find this was a problem?
I think I'll have to be at the lower end of my bmi until I look healthy but knowing that I'll have to go onto the maintenance plans fills me with woe!! I feel like I'll be on these for months!!
Sorry to be a mis-mog!!!
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Ceri - I know when I hit near my goal, I'm still going to see the fat girl...I don't think we'll ever be happy with what we see. I'm 5 foot 3 and have 2 kids who both wrecked my tummy so I think I'll always be in the bigger size just so I'll "tuck" in my folds!!!
Hun, I dont think we ever see ourselves as slim, what about posting some photos on here and asking people to be honest.

Ive lost 5st and Im a size 12/14 and I dont see myself as slim!! I think thats par for the course!!

There are days when I feel slimmer than others, but its taking my head a long time to catch up!


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Thanks for replies, I'm sorry to take so long posting back couldn't get online last night.
I've also had a child and my stomach is so big. I think that I'm supposed to be much thinner than i am, I have small hands and feet and a tiny face.
Because I have a lot of occasions coming up (hen night away, wedding away etc) I think that I'm not going to lose much weight for a while and I know what I'm like. If the scales don't go down the food goes in! I think what's the point! But I really do want to feel like a slim, confident woman.
Body image is such a varied thing. I hope that I start to recognise that I've lost weight soon.
You will feel better, its like, sometimes I look in the mirror and think, whos that, yet other times I see myself as the person that was, bloomin hard!!!!!!!!!!

Ah well,weve got to think that any weight we have lost is making us a happier healthier person x
I will be at my goal soon :), but i stil have a belly pouch thing at the bottom of my stomach, my hips are still wider than i want and my bottom still resembles J Lo's ass, lol. But what i am going to do once i reach goal is i am going to train at the gym hardcore to help me with my problem areas and make me happier about my body :)

I also thought i would be on CD for months with the maintainance and i tought it would take me well into the new academic year (i start uni in september) and i really wanted all the faffing about to be over by then, but you'll find that you'll get through maintainance sooner than you think.

Try to stay positive and see it as just a fraction of your life that will change your future forever :)


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Hi Ceri

I agree with the others. I'm down to just below my goal weight and still I see a fat person in the mirror. Don't get me wrong, I feel good in clothes now, but naked:eek::eek::eek: I've still got a kangeroo pouch, probably due to my 4 beautiful kids. I hold up my jeans and think wow they look small, but somehow when they're on me, they don't seem so small any more. I'm hoping in time this will pass, and I can see what everyone else sees.

As for maintenance, you'll be fine, I found I still had good losses and when you reach 1200 plan you can stay on this until goal weight. It is scary moving up the plans, but necessary for health and although you may feel apprehensive of it, believe me, when you start it isn't as difficult as you first imagine.

Good luck with your weigh in, I hope those last few lbs have gone.

Dear Ceri,

I have been away so it feels great to be back! I can't thank you enough for this post, because I feel EXACTLY the same as you do! EXACTLY! And I am mortified, because I know it really isn't in my mind, it is reality!! I still have problem areas and they are HUGE compared to my tiny hands, legs and relatively small face!

I haven't been able to move on with the maintenance plans because they seem forever and I feel as if I will be stuck on this plan forever, whereas some others reach goal weight and look perfect in a few months although they have loads of weight to lose.

Any thoughts, ideas and support would be so appreciated at this time. Sorry I can't be of much help, but you are not alone if that means anything at all:)

We might have to be one of those who take the scenic route but we will just have to get there with some more support, belief and patience.

All the best to yoU! X


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Hey Ceri I know how you feel. I wear a size 10/12 now (shoot did I just say that), but when I pull my jeans up I think, these aren't really a size 10, they are bigger sizes in such-and-such a shop. Its taken me 5 months to go from a size 24 to a size 10/12, but I still can not fathom that I am not overweight anymore. I am sure that our 'heads' will catch up with our 'body's' soon. Good Luck, Angela x


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Bloody hell Angela!! Size 24 to size 10!!!! That is amazing.(excuse the language!)
I'm glad (but it also saddens me) to see that I'm not the only one that feels like this. It really annoys me when people at work say 'don't lose too much', or 'you should come off the diet now' because they are comparing me to what I was like before losing weight ( not a huge amount 1st 11lbs ). I want to feel and be slim, not just o.k.
People think that you get obsessed with the diet or that you are developing an eating disorder but I could never have an eating disorder and would never do anything to compromise my health. I don't think that looking good is worth that!
Maybe we're all used to seeing images of super thin women all the time and try to compare ourselves to them? I don't know! All I know is it is really hard to decide what is the best weight for me.
Thank you all for your posts and for being so frank. Like they say a problem shared...and all that.
hi ceri what do you weigh hun
i feel the same i think exercise is the only way to loose the big tum
i ride my horse every day just got new horse and i here you loose a lot from all the exercise from mucking out ect
other than that et down to the lower end of bmi i have to do that and thats another 1 stone for me poo isnt it
good luck pm if you want


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Hi there hippychick. I'm 10st11lbs and 5'5'' just 1lb to get to 'healthy' range now. I'm feeling a bit better as I ordered new clothes from the catalogue...size 12 and they fit. But I still can't help thinking that I look big. It is all on my tummy area! Oh well never mind. Have started 790 now and will see how it goes.
Thanks for support guys, it really does help.


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I think it is all in the head and because the weight loss has happened so quick it is hard for the head to catch up - but it will.

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