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When do you have your replacement meals?

Hello to all Lipotrimmers!!

I have started the lipotrim programme today and hope to shift almost 7 Stones by Christmas, or at least the majority of it!! its my BIG 30th Birthday :eek: and want to look by best.

I wanted to ask how do you space your Meal Shakes during the day? I have had one now at 10.30 am maybe another at 3pm and the last around 7.30ish. Its just the diets I have been on before ask you to eat usally within an hour of eating where as this diet does it matter how soon after i wake i eat. It just with 17 month old twins :family2:I am up around 7am and dont find the time to eat until there morning nap lol!

Byee for now!
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As a general rule my shake intake goes something like this...

1st shake - 6.30/7am
2nd shake - 2pm
3rd shake - 9.30/10.30pm

hasn't done me any harm :)
I used to find it a long time between my lunchtime shake and my tea-time one so I now have them all a bit later.

I have my first one at about 12.30pm then my next one at between 4.30pm and 5.30pm, I then have my last one between 8pm and 9pm.

I find this works for me as it doesn't bother me not having anything first thing. Like you I spend my time looking after my 18 month old daughter. It also means that I'm not tempted to pick later on in the evening.

Hope this helps! x


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I tend to have my 1st between 11-12, my 2nd around 5.30pm and my 3rd between 9-10pm.

I keep meaning to get to bed earlier but never get round to it. Although last night after a walk on the beach I fell asleep before my last shake....Oops!!


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I kept to normal meal times. I start work at 6am:
1st shake - 5.30am
2nd shake - 12.00
3rd shake - 4pm


Here we go again!
Mine are just like my old mealtimes
Seems to work for me and I don't struggle late in the evening either.

Just do what works for you, everyone's different.


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I have have mine at 8.30am, 13.00pm & 5.30pm but I do stuggle in the evenings. I'm trying to training my brain not to eat in the evenings when I go back to food.


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On work days i have them at 10:50, 3pm and 6.30pm.
On sundays and mondays i usually have them around 11am, 4pm and about 7/8pm
Thanks for all your replies. I thinks its just a matter of just fitting it around your routine for the day. I tend to eat late in the evenings when my twins have gone to bed. As its 7pm I usually order a takeaway as too tired to cook. That is what has got me to this in the first place! I am gonna try the peppermint tea with a chock shake to see what that is like as i do like a hot chock!!


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Cool - just try a variety of things (of course, only with what we are allowed) and find something that works for you and that you like and then stick with it untill you get 'bored' or fancy something different (no point fixing something if it aint broke!). I have done this and have now done about 10 weeks of just chocolate shakes. They are divine with ice cold water :D x

Oh, you probably know this but dont put hot water in your shaker! :giggle: xx
Mine varies very widely and doesnt or hasnt affected me so what ever is comfortable for you i guess

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