When do you normally start refeed?

Sweet Cheeks

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Hi guys, Just a quick question when can you start refeed?

I dont have too much to lose and was wondering when i could start my refeed as im completely struggling with not eating anything at all, I was doing fine until yesterday and i was crying all night and just felt miserable all day, i was even consemplating giving up and just eating healthily but im too scared that i will just pile the 10lbs that i have already lost (also weighed myself last night and have lost another 2lbs if the scales are right)

Ive woken up this morning and dont feel any better about it and am worried that im just gunna fall off the wagon completely by the end of the day

I really dont know what to do (Feeling really miserable)
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i would start when you feel happy with your weight i know not everyone is the same but i actually lost on refeed


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yeah give it a few days im goin to sart mine in the nxt week or 2 n they just be quiet strict in what i eat so i hope to loose more then
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Hi, i hope u stayed strong... tfr is def the best way to loose weight and u need to stay focused on why u are doing this.. bmi 34 is obese and brings with it health risks... getting to healthy weight is going to take determination and will power... whether u do it on TFR or healthy eating. Good luck and I hope u achieve ur goal whatever way u do it.

Sweet Cheeks

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Thanks guys for the replies, i have managed quite well today pretty happy with myself and have decided to carry on for another 3-4 weeks and then start my refeed before xmas so i can enjoy it, and then if needed i will restart on LT in the new year to shift the final weight

Thanks again xx


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keep strong,really strong black coffee works for me,it really keeps my hunger at bay i used to hate it but now i like it.you can also loose up to 3 punds a week on the maintanance if you do choose to do that,but it is only 4 weeks and you will lose alot more on lt good luck wat ever you choose


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Personaly I think you should start refeed once you reach your weight-loss goal, and then use refeed to maintain weight whilst getting used to food again, and then properly maintaining at the new weight.