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When does ketosis kick in?

Hi Gemma,

Just before bed on my day 3 i had furry teeth and a funny taste in my mouth... that was the beggin of ketosis for me, I was in ketosis the next day

So even though u are day 4... sounds like u are just getting into ketosis.

Well done you x

Have you been breathless again??
No not been too bad lately. think i was walkin up the hill a bit too quick lol but feel soooo bloated with all the water. how did u know u were in ketosis the next day?
stinky stanky breath and the hungar pains just werent there anymore just felt a bit different in myself too :)

do u feel hungry at the mo?? when did u last have a shake?
ya im confused too about when it kicks in!!!
I very nearly gave in today, make a sarnie and everythin but felt so guilty so had the chick soup instead. so far today has been the hardest n really considered givin up. had a hot choc at 6:30pm. ill try the flap jacks nxt week as i miss eating!!! but dont feel hungry at the mo.
pink il hang in there if u do! :) had soup today it was ok!! need salt thou!!! is the hot choc nice? just had a cold one there
Wot day ru on blondie? yeh the soup is a bit bland. Yeh the hot choc is nice really warms you up. Tried the choc mousse yday but didnt really like it. Was a bit too gooey for me. Will try the orange extract nxt wk.
coming to the end of day 2!! its sooo hard! although i was so hungry at wrk, they ordered pizza!!! it was hell!!!! i kinda looked forward to coming home n gulpin back the choc drink!!!! what day you on???
am on day 4, will b day 5 tomoro and has def been the worst. ive been told it does get better. im so worried that i dont go into ketosis and that i'll put on weight cuz of all this bleedin water. i can imagine, the smell of pizza wud drive me insane. but well done for not givin into temptation. ive def noticed that my sense of smell has increased!!
how do u kno when ur in ketosis???? that part confuses me!! how long you planing to stay on this for?
SHouldn't take longer than 4 days for ketosis to kick in. One can instigate ketosis within 24 hours. It all depends on what one does and consumes.

If you haven't 'cheated' then you should be in ketosis. However if you aren't hungry and you're finding things easy... then I wouldn't worry about ketosis. It's the fat you are losing and will.


havent cheated and goin in to day 3 tomor! so is it likely it will be happening by tomor!

Hi Everyone

I am on day 5 today. I forgot to bring a shake to work yesterday and didn't have one from 7.30am to 6pm I felt really shaky and weak. I won't do that again. I have a furry feeling in my mouth is that ketosis and what exactly does it mean.

I had a hot chocolate shake with one sweetner and a small sprinkle of nutmeg it was actually ok especially in the cold night that it was last night. Any other suggestions on how to take the shakes?? I hope that nutmeg and cinnamon is allowed because I have used both:sigh:

I use both nutmeg and cinnamon in my CD shakes. Depending on how I'm feeling.
im also on day 5, but only my tongue feels furry lol but ive used lip blam that i only noticed til after i used it that it had citric acid in which can affect ketosis. i dont feel as tho ive lost any weight. does any1 think the lip balm is to blame?
i tried to make the choc with hot water today possibley the most rotten thing i have ever tried! it went all lumpy!!
You can buy ketostix from the chemist for about £5.00 for 50. They tell you if you are in ketosis for sure (you wee on them and they change colour - there is a colour code on the side to check) - that is why everyone refers to ketosis as being in the pink!

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