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When I'm at target...


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I've been thinking about what reaching target will mean for me. This is the list I've come up with:

When I'm at target...

  • I will walk into a room with my head held high not caring if people notice my entrance.
  • I won't fear going into a changing room to try something on in case it doesn't fit.
  • I will be able to wear vest tops again and be cooler in summer!
  • I will like having my photo taken.
  • I know I will have changed my eating habbits for the better and I will have made a positive difference for my health.
  • My confidence will be given a boost. It already has now just 15.5lbs down the road. I know I have other areas to work on but my weight is a main factor.
  • I won't worry when my partner puts his arms around me for a hug.

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What an excellent list!
That would make all those difficult decisions (when I want to devour a box of french fancies) easier!

I agree completely with all yours. I would like to add:

1. I can wear skirts in the summer and the tops of my legs won't rub together and get sore (horrible!!!)
2. I will not end up with diabetes, heart disease or bad legs as a result of my own eating
3. I will accept that food is not the enemy NOR is it my best friend
4. I will be able to walk in heels
5. I will make heads turn and get (unwanted lol) male attention
6. I will believe my husband when he says he is proud to be seen with me

I am sure there are millions more- but these spring to mind first



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What an excellent post

When I reach my target I won't mind when my top rides up & people see my (hopefully flat) belly

I will be able to buy my clothes at any shop I choose

I won't be ashamed to wear shorts in summer (if we ever get a hot summer again lol)

I am sure there are more but those three spring to mind
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I like this idea :), though I through putting my life on hold whilst I get down to a better weight.

1. I will be healthier.
2. I will have only one size of clothing in my wardrobe.
3. I will not feel self conscious about my shape.
4. I will have more confidence.
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- I will look and feel beautiful in my wedding dress
- I will be able to wear a bikini like others my age without worrying about my belly looking big!
- I'll enjoy shopping again
- I will be able to run better without wobbling all over the place
- I will feel more confident

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I will be able to eat out in a restaurant and order whatever I want without worrying that people will look and think 'no wonder she's that size!'


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S: 16st7.5lb C: 11st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 5st7.5lb(33.48%)
I will be able to eat out in a restaurant and order whatever I want without worrying that people will look and think 'no wonder she's that size!'
I'm sat here nodding my head at this one! When we were driving back to Hull we stopped off at a service station and there was only KFC, Burger King or the rediculously expensive hot food place... the other half wanted KFC so I caved (it is the first bit of fast food I've had since the end of January) and whilst I ate it I was worrying that people were sniggering thinking no wonder she's fat :( (didn't stop me polishing it all off though :eek:)


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I will NEVER do this 2 myself again
Great thread

Definately the above.
  1. I will be able to buy clothes without trying them on.
  2. I will be able to buy CHEAP clothes e.g. Primark & Donningtom Market.
  3. I wont feel uncomfortable around my friends or turn down invites (most of my friends are super skinny, sz 8/10's).
  4. I will be able to wear ridiculously high heels, reguarly.
  5. I will be able to wear a bikini or tankini on holiday.
  6. I will be fit and healthy.
  7. I wont feel like I'm embarrassing my hubby and little boy when we are out.
  8. I will go on the back of my hubby's motorbike in size 12 or 10 leathers (or small or medium, I dont know what the sizing is as I've never been able to fit in any, lol).
I can think of more but I dont want to bore you:D.
like this thread
1:be able to walk up a hill without being out of breath
2: be able to wear any clothes not worried about my big bust
3:wear a bikini and feel proud of what i have accheived
4:cant wait for the compliments


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This is a great thread......

I am at target and feel most of the things stated above, but I also love that now I have the energy to play and run about with my children....:family2:


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Guilt free treats/take aways
I will feel more confident to find a man!
Jeans that will fit and not roll down!
I won't look 6 months pregnant
I can buy sexy lingerie!
Nice perky boobs
Feel like other girls my age
Rub it in my mums face!
I'll feel more confident and learn to love my own body in bed
Would be able to look at larger women and not have to worry if i'm looking like them


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I started reading this post last night and while it should be very positive, it actually made me sad. I echo just about everything that's said about what being at target will make me yet I wonder why all the things about how we feel about ourselves are buried so deep in the lists. They're all about how other people view us.

I've always been worried about what other people think. Fat or thin. So when I was fatter, I would eat to show I didn't care. When I was thin, I would eat to show how good I was that I could. Strange thing is, the only times I've lost significant amounts of weight (and my first was three stones) was when I did it for me. When I did it to try and be as slim as other people or wear what others were wearing, it didn't work.

I know if I were to become greatly overweight again my husband would say something out of health reasons. He doesn't want me to be unhealthy and he's told me this. I'm still me and when he says he's proud of me, I know he is - no matter my size. Just as all your husbands, wives and partners are proud of you, love giving you cuddles and think you're great in bed ;) Perhaps if we all start to love ourselves a bit more we'd look better in our clothes because we'd be standing tall and not slouching to avoid being seen. We'd have more confidence and so attract good people around us.

Of course I'm no angel and I'm dying to get into my bikini without wobbling this summer too :D but when I'm at target (just as I am at WI), I'll be proud of the fact I'm taking charge of myself and making a difference to my life


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Great thread!

1: I'll be able to wear clothes I like rather than what fits
2: I'll own jeans and look good in them!
3: I'll be able to run around happily with my children & have tons more energy
4: I'll be able to wear pretty clothes in summer rather than the usual black trousers and sleeved tops! (get so so hot) :(
5: I'll feel I look my age rather than a frump.
6: I'll stop worrying that if I hear someone laughing when I'm out that it isn't me they're laughing at.

Harrie: I was nodding along to your post. I've been thinking about this a lot recently. My OH has never made a comment about my size & shows no sign of losing interest in the bedroom (sorry, couldn't think how to best put that!!) but I still keep thinking "when I'm slim it will be better & I'll feel better about myself" I've been realizing recently that to him, it doesn't matter at all, it is just me that is thinking that. There's no point waiting until I get slim for everything to suddenly be perfect. It is my head that there is a big issue, it is just learning to get over what your head is saying.
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I have loads of things that I am looking forward to when I am slimmer:

:D I will be able to go to the sales and find nice things in my size...

:D I will be able to run about with the kids at the park...

:D I will be happy to go on rides with the kids when we go places, at the moment I am always a bit scared that the retraints won't fit!

:D I have a fear that when we go on holiday that the seatbelt wont fit or one of those silly plastic loungers will collapse.

:D I will have a huuuuge wardrobe filled with nice clothes that I feel comfortable in.

:DI can choose clothes according to the styles that I like rather than what comes in my size.

:D I will love having my photo taken.

But I did want to add one thing.... I know that we are all focussed on what our lives will be like when we get to target but don't forget to enjoy the journey. Most of our hopes will happen gradually on our way to target so have fun getting there........... I think that sounds a bit too cheesey but I hope you get what I mean :p

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