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when is best


Girl on a mission
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Ok this may sound a really stupid question...but when is best to have your shakes?
when I first did cd i was having them at 9am 2.30pm then 7pm, on this start so I don't pick in the evening I've been having 1st at 2-3pm then last 2 at about 7-8pm, but is it best to be in the routine of having a shake for breakfast so when you come off plan, you'll stick to having breakfasts?

As I've never been a breakfat person...hmmm sorry for the rambling post:eek:
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they sound like the best times to have them i would say.
i have to have 4 shakes a day as im tall so have mine at about 9am when i get in from work at around 2pm then when hubs and kids are having tea at 6ish then my last one about 9pm


taking control (again)
I think the best thing to do is to have them when you would normally have meals. But if you intend to start having breakfast after you finish with CD, then maybe it would be a good idea to get in to the routine.


Girl on a mission
G: 11st7lb
Think I'm gonna wait till I get in to ketosis ( as won't feel the hunger as much at night) then start having my shakes as I did before and its then easy routine to maintain all the way through:D
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I am going to buck the trend and say that I try to wait as long as possible before having my first shake, like around midday xx


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I think it totally depends on you and your routine. When I first started I split my shakes into 6, so I had small regular portions. That worked really way for a couple of months- until I started eating! Now I prefer a whole mousse for brekkie, whole shake for lunch and split the evening if I can- dinner and maybe a hot choc for supper b4 bed! I've always had breakfast because I think it is most important. But, as I said, it totally depends on your routine and how you're coping with it :D
I'm with quizzicalgrrl, I wait as late as I can - normally about midday, then one at about 6/7pm, then one at about 10pm, but I've always been a breakfast skipper and late night muncher.

Now I'm on 810 I think I'll start having a bar/tetra for breakfast in my 9am lecture, then shake for lunch, meal for dinner and still have a shake left over for 10pm. :D Sorted.


please try again
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hmmmm i have mine when i remember them, lol


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I normally have one about 7:30, then 1 pm then 6:00, but might try changing this as I find it hard not to pick when I get home so might skip the 1 pm one and have one at 4pm when I get in from work them one later at say 8 - 9 pm see if it makes any difference


taking control (again)
They say that breakfast gets your metabolism going, but not sure if that's true or not, especially as "they" say lots of things that haven't been true. :D

The only draw back with leaving your first CD meal until lunch time is possibly feeling weak or light headed, especially if you have an active job.


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I have my first at 5.30am before I leave for work! I have my next one at 12.30 for lunch and my bar in the evening at 6.30 with a cup of black coffee. Sometimes on the train home I am ABSOLUTELY STARVING. This is when I am most likely to give in and eat "food". I never ever cheat in the day time.

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