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when knocked out of ketosis...



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You'll go back into is as soon as your body has used up whatever carbs you have eaten. In the beginning of SS it usually takes around 3 days to use up the carb stores, but it depends how much you had and how much of it was carbs. It won't be too long though :)


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I think it's another 2/3 days...as long as you don't eat any carbs!

Keep strong, it won't be long! x
i havent actually eaten any carbs...iv been ill and not keeping things down
tested myself this morning and im no longer in ketosis:(


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Being in ketosis isn't actually a requirement for CD to work, you know. It just helps you stick to it - it helps take away the hunger pangs, gives you the feel good factor (if you're lucky :D)

So, no. 1 - don't allow ketostix to tell you whether you're doing okay or not - if you haven't eaten anything you shouldn't, it won't make any difference to your overall weight loss.

No.2 - don't rely on them to tell the truth - ketostix are notoriously unreliable. Some people never see them turn any shade of pink but still manage to lose several stones in weight.

I personally hate that people think they need to buy the things. They're an unnecesary expense, in my opinion. You know yourself if you're sticking to the diet 100%. If you're kidding yourself that so long as you stay in ketosis that it doesn't matter about the odd cheat, then frankly you're asking for trouble (this is obviously not aimed at you, JustForMe - it's aimed at other folk who might be reading this).

Besides, I think in this case those pesky sticks are definitely lying. If you haven't eaten, you'll be in ketosis for sure.

So sorry to hear you're feeling yuck. :hug99: Hope you feel better soon.
I had the same problem, Ketostix were saying I was then I wasnt I agree that they are unrealiable if your not hungry your in Ketosis!!! Chin up it'll all be worth it xxx
i dont just rely on them however, i actually had nice smelling breath this morning and im not getting that cold feeling anymore:(

i didnt ever think i'll miss those things lol
if you have eaten no carbs (nothing with hidden sugar ) then you have to still be in Ketosis I am sure!
The thing is, your body burns carbs as it's first port of call as they are the easiest to turn into energy.. in the absence of glycogen your body WILL have to be burning fat for energy as that is the way it works.
So your body maybe feeling different, but it might not be absence of ketosis. My breath is worse after I have had a shake , but isnt always bad, and I rarely feel cold.
(of course if anyone knows that my science is wrong, please correct me!)

ahhhh there is still hope!:p