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When life gets in the way....


Grappling with life
Hi all,

wasn't online yesterday as was doing the food for my nieces 2nd birthday party and then had to visit my dad, which leads me too my post about life getting in the way of any diet plan. Yesterday I knew would be a day off plan, party nibbles, me cooking them, fat coke, cake etc so yesterday I didn't write anything down. Today I am straight back on plan.

Tuesday is my birthday so there will be cake. But not doing anything for my birthday til Wednesday or Thursday, so there may be a macdonalds in there. Friday night is poker night at my brothers so there will no doubt be a KFC involved. Saturday is my husbands birthday so we are prolly going to Bluewater in the morning then his family are coming up for a chinese and chocolate fountain.

Thats means I will only be on plan for 3 -4 days of the week. Obviously I don't just eat silly all day - just the meals mentioned.

I no longer say ooh I can't eat that or refuse to go out cos it caused issues last time I was on a strict plan. Its not worth the argument to be honest. I think after next week I am pretty much clear of birthdays and socialising til nearer Christmas.

What do you all do when life gets in the way? I do not want my "diet" to rule my life, I want to fit the "diet" around my life.
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is getting better at it
yes life does get in the way thats why slimming world is so perfect for eating out you just need to make sensibleish choices if you can, can you not go somewhere else other thatn mc donalds, i find if i have a mc ds i am hungry again an hour later:cry:
i think the only thing i can suggest really is if you stick to free foods during the day and use your syns for the nice naughtys you will be having you may be ok.
when is your weigh in?

happy birthday for tuesday :p


Mad old Bat with Attitude
We've had 2 B'days in just over a week, and when no2 son and partner came for the weekend on Fri we booked a chinese! BUT,it's once a year, I've been careful since weigh in, I made the chicken noodle soup for lunch and decided to eat till I was just comfortably full, not stuff myself stupid because we'd payed for it! Then this morning it was straight back on it and an hours exercise!
I will just mirror what metrognome has just said.. 'Life does get in the way' but that is the beauty of SW. There is nothing you can't eat or enjoy.
Just take smaller portions of the things you are likeky to be overly tempted with. I would try and stay away from McD too, i also used to find within the hour i would be hungry.
Fill up on free foods or lots of protein before your 'special meals' and hopefully you wont over indulge..
It's hard but think of the pleasure you will get the next time you get on the scales... Thats more satisfying than any BigMac.... Isn't it?

There are lots of sensible options you can choose at the Chinese... Both from original and green plan. Have a quick look and plan what your going to eat.
As for the choc fountain, i would suggest you help to set it up. Once you've seen how much extra oil you have to add to the chocolate to get it pumped around, believe me, you will NEVER go near one again!!! (i am talking from experience!)
Finding the right choices beforehand always helps me. I can sometimes really look forward to going out if i know what is in store later....I also then stay on Super free until i indulge.

SW will eventually fit in around your day. The choices you make will not always be the right ones, but having the knowledge and determination to control the damage will become second nature.

Good Luck with your journey..

Happy Birthday for Tuesday!

Celebrations do tend to crop up don't they (darn things), and I think they are more of an issue when you are trying to loose weight. "Normal" people just seem to get on and enjoy the event but they somehow manage to make the sensible choices, where as me, well, I used to make the most of them and sense didn't come into it. Nowadays I tend to be more controlled, mainly cos I know how much effort has to go into shiffting a couple of ounces let alone pounds and its just not worth it to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a party pooper by any means, but I do put the food well down the list now and spend more time talking to people and socialising as that in its self keeps me from eating too much, and I'm more aware of the food choices I make. Unfortunately these celebrations will never go away so it's a case of learning to fit them into plan and being sensible, which I'm sure you will be. Have good time.

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