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When should I move up stages?


Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
First up, congrats :)

Once your BMI is below 25, you should be on 810 for a start. You can stay on 810 till target or move up a bit earlier. If you still have a stone to go and still feel okay, I'd stick to 810 as it's easier to lose weight on. That said, if you find your weight loss stops for a few weeks, it may be time to move up a step.
I suspect my CDC wouldnt have a clue, hence why I'm asking here.

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
TBA - of course you are free to ask and NN's, I wasn't suggesting otherwise :)

What scares me about CD is the lack of information that some CDCs give their clients. I've no doubt CD cover this in the training.

That said, do you have a yellow Cambridge book because the information is there for you as well?
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My BMI is now 23.6 but I'm only at the start of my 3rd week SSing after my xmas break. My CDC hasnt said anything about 810 and I have 11lbs left to lose to get to goal. I've got no idea what I should be doing :(
I know you weren't suggesting anything Laura. But what I'm saying is theoretically, I shouldn't be on SS and neither should Angel, but our consultants are letting us.

Mine has told me to do what I feel comfortable with Angel :). If you feel happy to start introducing good, ask your CDC for info or...

Cambridge Weight Plan: Programmes (6 Steps)

Click on each step for more info. I believe it's advised to do a week or two between each step.

My consultant also said to realistically expect to gain 7lbs whilst going back up the plans until your metabolism is stabilized. Alot of people wont put on any weight. But it's not always a bed of roses.


please try again
if your bmi is 23 then you definatly should not be on ss, your risking lean muscle loss, you should be on 810 now and your cdc should have told you this. please read your cambridge books, the info about this is in thier

and num nums, the steps are designed to intro carbs in a controlled way so your glycogen stores fill up while your still losing weight so its less noticable, the 7lb gain some people experience is when they go from ssing onto a more " normal" diet as the glycogen stores top back up when you have a carby meal, hence the reason some folks seemed to gain when taking a day or 2 off at christmas

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
My very first CDC told me I could SS+ to goal (BMI would have been about 23). I'd done some research at realised this is not what is advocated by NICE (not 100% sure what it is now). Although I'm sure my CDC had nothing but good intentions, I considered it my responsibility to make sure I knew about the program. And if she wasn't telling me everything I needed to know, then I needed to find someone who could.
Ladies, thankyou so much. I just called my CDC and she advised yes, I should go up to 810! So I now have chicken cooking ;) TBH, she doesnt really know what shes doing but she's my 2nd CDC (my 1st was a 'take your money and run' type of CDC) and I'm so close to my goal, I dont want to change now. I've said to her that I need her guidance and that we will chat next week when we meet about what stages I need to go through. If I hadn't have posted here, I wouldnt have been any the wiser. So thankyou!


please try again
glad you got it sorted true, enjoy your chicken :)

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