When to move up a step?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by lula09, 6 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. lula09

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    I am currently doing SS sometimes adding in a bit of protein from SS+ if I am struggling. I am now 10lbs away from target and starting to think about when to move up to step 2. Can anyone tell me if they SS all the way to target or if they moved up when they were nearly there?

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    I could play the hard line and say you shouldn't be SSing at your BMI but we all know that plenty of people do, and plenty do it all the way to target and CWPs don't seem to stop them!

    For me the closer I am to target the more my body lets me know if I need more as I start getting lethargic and dizzy when a meal is due! I got 1/2 stone away last year but ruined that on holiday and messed around an awful lot since! I'm prob 1.5 stone away from target now and doing step 2, occasionally there will be a SS day, mainly due to laziness or lack of pereparation! I did a mix of step 2 /ss+/and ss a few weeks before target last year.;

    I guess the problem is, if you ss all the way to target, you will then continue to lose as you move up the steps...if that's not a problem and you are feeling well, why not keep at it at ss?

    so really entirely up to you what you feel is best for your body :)

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