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When to refeed????

Hi new friends lol
i was wondering....i have been on LTR 100% for 8 days now...i was planning to do this for 14 days then refeed from Tues 25th May as it is my daughters 1st communion on Sat 29th May. Is this enough time or am i better to refeed from Sat 22nd? that way it gives me a whole week to refeed then i can enjoy the communion party (without going overboard of course)!!! I hope this makes sense....please advise xxx
Thank you skinnies! :p
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It depends hun. Are you having the party at home? Could you eat the day 4 menu on refeed ie chicken veg and a small baked potato?? If not then I would advise doing a full refeed before Communion ie starting on sat 22nd

Thanks Niamh pet....im having a party at home...and caterers!!! i have asked for everything to be healthy....but of course wont be able to resist! Will be a great day and dont want to restrict myself (or overdo it) I think i will refeed from Sat 22nd May! ooohhhh food...cant wait!!! lol x


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Hi :)

I asked this question a couple of days ago and got some really helpful replies from those much more experienced than me!!.

I wanted to do similiar to you, I have a wedding coming up in June and thought I could do Lipotrim for 4 weeks, leaving 4 days for a refeed. Anyway, after receiveing advice from others and researching a bit (theres a really good sticky on explaining refeed in the refeeding section) I am definately going to give refeed the 7 full days - you have to get your glycogen (sp?) levels up slowly, because if you eat normally within the first week your going to put pounds back on - (mostly water - put still - so disheartening after all your efforts)

With refeed (the 7 days) you'll more than likely stay the same and some have even lost a couple of pounds during that week!!


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(sorry crossed posts!)


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Sounds lovely!!! I hope you have a great day. My nephews First communion is on the same day. I'll be on the LT though cause I have a lot to lose and be afraid I wouldnt come back to it. My sister has a baby 10 months and I am going to mind and feed him when everyone else is eating and drinking. If anyone asks why I'm not eating I'm going to say "oh i just want to get the babs sorted, sure i'll have something later".
Thanks NikkiH...good info! i will refeed from Sat 22nd cos i know i will not be able to resist the whole day!!!
Naimh...good luck with your nephews communion..you'll be ok!!! x

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