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When to start Route to Management

I'm hoping for some advice because I can't work out whether I'm thinking like an 'adult' or an 'adaptive child' here...!

My LLC and I decided months ago that my goal weight should be 10 stone - this is right in the middle of the healthy BMI range for my height and more importantly for me, it's a nice, small, round number!

I started off at nearly 15 stone and currently weigh around 10 st 11, which I am really pleased with when I look at it written down. My BMI is just under 25 now. However, I'm currently sitting here feeling incredibly fat again. I think this is because I keep 'cheating' and eating food even though I'm suposed to be abstaining and I've only been losing an average of 1 lb a week for the last few weeks. (This week will be much worse and I'm expecting a gain, which is annoying me a lot!). I don't seem to be able to get a week without finding an excuse to eat something.

I'm now wondering whether or not this might be the right time to start RtM because maybe I wouldn't feel the need to suddenly have a huge takeaway or giant meal if I knew I was allowed to eat...?

How did anyone else chose their goal weight and did you change your mind once you got nearer to it? Do you think it's important to struggle through the last few pounds for psychological reasons?

Monkey x

p.s. I'm going away for the wkend and already trying to work out which meals to join in on!!!
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My LLC does not give advice on goal weights for us, and whilst I found that incredibly frustrating, I now understand why she didn't. At the end of the day you are the one that will have to maintain at the weight you chose - for some this will be at the bottom of the BMI, for others it may be above their BMI, what is important is that you OWN your target weight and that it is comfortable and appropriate for you. My BMI is currently at around 23.5 and I am moving into RTM tonight, but I have had much discussion and agonising over when to go into RTM. I'm propably going to be just short of the initial goal weight that I set myself when I was 4 stones heavier, but at the end of the day, it is just a number of the scale and there was no scientific reason for chosing that particular weight over any other, just that it was an easy figure to come up with. At the end of the day, are you happy with the weight you are now? Do you think you will be able to maintain it? Will you be disappointed if you move into RTM without reaching the 10 stone mark? Only you will be able to decide what is the best way forward for you. Good Luck with your decision


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You will know when you are 'cooked' - so to speak. It isn;t about the numbers, it is about feeling good in your skin. At this stage it all slows down numbers wise, but from week to week, inches will still melt from parts of you you never expected even if the scales don't budge an inch. At this end of the journey, every pound counts.

I would suggest getting to 10, if only because you may put on weight in management (you may lose some as well - this is true, but RtM is designed so that if you follow it pretty well you stay the same and if you are an RtM angel, you will lose) If you are an RtM lunatic, like me, you will put on about a pound a week!

It is your decision. At this point in the journey you need to feel empowered. I knew I had to stop when my size 8 jeans were starting to get loose, regardless of the fact that I was BMI 23.5, I was skinny at that weight - I am 27-28 now and feel like a healthy and a curvy 12. I figure that if I really want to be skinny, I can work on upping my exercise and dropping the alcohol, but I am enjoying my social life and seeing all my friends again and learning how to party and indulge as a slim(ish) person.
Also to note our counsellor last night talked about getting to goal but also setting a weight that you would not go over when you got to goal. She talked about the scales as being your friend and managing your weight like you do your bank account.

Thank you so much for your replies.

I went to my LL meeting last night and got the blue RtM book so that I can take a look at what's involved before I decide anything. My LL counsellor has left it up to me to decide, but I suspect she thinks I'm copping out if I stop abstinence now and in a way, so do I.

Cerulean, what you said about knowing when your done made a lot of sense to me - I'm don't think I'm done yet and my clothes are not as comfy as I want them to be. I also know that with the best will in the world I prob wont be able to follow the RtM rules all of the time so it would be good to know there's no panic if I put on a bit...

I don't think it helps that people keep asking me how much longer I'm doing this for and saying that I must be done by now, but I'll just have to ignore them for a bit longer!

Goodbye you last 10 annoying little lbs and please shut the door on the way out! :)

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