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When to Start??

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so its payday today! and have become convinced after another failed attempt at ww that a vlcd is the only way to go! did cd about 3 years ago and lost 2 stone but then went travelling and it all went tits up/or tits down as they have now filled back to a huuuge 38GG sigh!!!! need to get rid of them pronto!

so phoned the pharmacy and can go in today! however, tomorrow i am off to brighton for pride to celebrate someones birthday! so thought i would start sunday! however next friday its my brother in laws wedding followed on the saturday with a reopening of our local where all my family will be coming back to visit (not bothered about the saturday, i know it would be easy to escape eating or drinking there!) !!

normally i would say start the following sunday but i want to loose a few pounds before the wedding so i am more comfortable my outfit! do i start this sunday, do it till the wedding - break the diet for a day and then restart??

i could just not eat for a week? ha no seriously not sure what to do! and there is no chance of not eating at the wedding, its a sit down meal, and they have already paid for me so would be extremely rude not to eat! regardless of belly size! HELP!
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honestly, i'd start ASAP. i had a wedding the day after my first weigh in so was very new to it still but it was fine. i tend to drink gin and tonic so no one noticed i was having sparkling water and when it came to the buffet, i just told everyone i was dieting - everyone just said good for you!

the sooner you start the sooner you'll be done. i used to go to uni in brighton so i know what pride is like but it can be done on LT! you'll feel so much better for already being on your way.

but if dont think you're going to stick to it during these events, start after them, no point starting then breaking and starting again. if you are into ketosis by these events - make sure you read the sticky about drinking - very dangerous!!



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Hi Cad,

The thing is there is always going to be something and you are going to keep postponing it. I had to bring a dinner date with family 1 day forward to be able to start my LT on the day I wanted but that was because it was family and I could, I know you dont have control of the set dates.
You can attend all of those things while on LT, it is not the food that is making those occasions special, it is you attending them that is important. You can put sparkling water in a wine glass and still feel like you are raising a glass at the wedding :)

If I was you I would start as soon as possible but if you feel that you might fall off the wagon on those dates then I think you should wait until you feel that you are completely ready.

Dont feel that I am being a bit harsh, I just dont want you feeling upset with yourself if you do end up messing up the diet.

Whatever you decide be sure that it will be the right thing and we will be here to support you either way.
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thank you!!!! hey yeh i have read it! i lived in brighton while at uni too! drunk while on cd during a festival in brighton! passed out! fell over about a million times! had to be carried home!oh and kissed an ugly man!!!no one ever told me not to drink while in ketosis back then!it was like my drink had been spiked i was so all over the place!!!

if i did drink at wedding it would be at the sit down meal! i know i have to eat then! am tempted to start sunday and carry on with the one break on the wedding, eat little and drink sparkling water as you said! i know from cd it doesnt effect my weightloss dramatically and i tend to go back into ketosis really easily i would rahter plan it than get there and go mental!!!!!



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My instinct is you seem motivated to get started now and I would, but there will be so many events thereafter that you just have to decide what you want to do to be honest.

I have gone to functions, BBQ's, etc throughout the 11 weeks and it hasnt stopped me from joining in, just not with food and drink! It was my choice and everyone was ok with that.

In saying that, If you think the wedding is important, then I would say, wait for that to happen then get on and do LT 100%.


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Totally agree with Jesi - there will always be something coming up!

So, while motivation is high, just start now :)
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Personally I`d start now, But if you know you won`t stick to it if you do, I`d wait.

LiSe x


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hiya id say best time is to start asap whilst your feeling motivated
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As Jesi said - there is always some reason that you might not be able to do the diet! I put off starting as my boyfriend was taking me away for the weekend & I couldn't bear the thought of the hotel food he'd already paid for going to waste; as it is I was completely disappointed by it & wished I'd started the week before when I'd originally resolved to.

Anyway, you could easily not eat at the wedding! Last time I did TFR I went to a wedding with a sit down meal & didn't eat anything, it wasn't as tough as you might imagine! Of course, it's better to start when you know you're not going to break it, as starting while you're already making excuses to break the diet probably isn't a good idea. Good luck with whatever you decide!


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