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When to weigh???

Just a little question, i went to see my councillor at around 7pm last week and had my first weigh in, and i had to go today in the day, when i know i am at my heaviest, and even though i am happy with the weight lost shown on her scales, i am not happy, if that makes sense? So do you think i could wait until 7pm tonight and weigh myself? x
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Mad as a Hatter
What are you going to lose between the time you went to see your CDC today, and 7 o'clock tonight ?
Surely the CDC scales are the ones that you are using all the time, so aren't they the only ones that matter ?
I know it may make you feel a bit better physcologically ??? but what if they show that you weigh heavier - won't that upset you more ?
Just my opinion !
Oh i dont know, i weighed myself on mine at the same time as hers, give or take 1/2 hour, so have been using mine, i know i weigh heavier in the day, and the weight loss on hers are half of what i had thought i had lost! I dont know, i always thought you should be weighed at the same time more an accurate reading, but like you said it doesnt matter really x
i know what you mean sort of, i get weighed at 630 on a thursday and i often wish i'd picked an earier time...

i'd have thought you'd continue to retain water and weight until bedtime though, not likely to lose it between 2pm and 7pm...

it's good to know how much of a difference there is between your scales and CDC's but you kinda have to accept theirs are the right ones....... my own ones weigh lower, so i only use them to recognise the downward trend for curiousity's sake, take my readings from CDC only...
Thanks x I now it sounds on silly, but i weighed myself before going for 1st weigh in, then when i got back, my said twice what hers said once, we even have the same scales :D only thing is i now i can put on 4-6lb's during the day, and then lose it so i weigh pretty much what i do when i wake up, oh well whats a difference of 6lbs :( x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I wouldn't worry.. just go with your weigh in ((hugs)) I had to chop and change the last few weeks as was away, couldn't see CDC so went a day earlier.. then a day later.. and now seeing her in 2 weeks..

So its' one of those things. Because we're not eating a lot we won't 'gain' a lot during the day - so try not to be too rigid. :)
Thanks guys x anyway just found out i have a offer at uni to become a nurse so excited!! Shame i cant bloody celebrate though :( but i will in due course x x

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